Saturday, July 28, 2012

NOTD: Wet n Wild Buffy The Violet Slayer

Can I just start this post by saying I'm a huge Buffy fan. Huge. Enormous. I almost had a seizure the time my Mum's friend in the US sent my sister and I Buffy backpacks, and I was around 16 at the time. One of my prized possessions used to be a letter sent to me from the author of a Buffy fan guide thanking me for my gushing praise (*dies of embarrassment*). I wrote stupidly awestruck letters to all the cast members and begged for signed photos (which in fairness, I got, but they were reprints, BAH).

My sister and I lived and breathed Buffy for the entire time it aired on Irish TV (and many years after) - we devoured the books, the posters, the claddagh rings, the cross necklaces, the boots and long coats, the overpriced Buffy magazines with the free DVDs, the soundtracks, the script guides, the quiz book - we fought over who actually owned 'The Sunnydale High Yearbook' (me, but she stole it when I went to college. Yes you did. Yes you DID) and we saved up our money to buy glossy prints and posters from Moviemarket. I had a giant poster of David Boreanaz on my bedroom ceiling for months (until he fell on top of me one night and frightened the living daylights out of me). When we were finally adults and able to afford more expensive things, we both bought the boxsets. I re-watched all 7 seasons recently, and I can't believe there are people out there who haven't seen it. It's the best TV show ever made. Ever.

When it comes to TV shows or bands I like, I lose all sense of logic (as you can see from paragraphs 1 & 2) and my brain immediately switches to "I must have that. NOW." mode. Hence the reason I paid $9 (including postage) for this polish that retails at around $2. Stupidity. And before you ask, yes, I whittled a stake.

I love this polish and I'm delighted I bought it (from a private seller on by the way) - but I bloody hate the way it photographs. It's the most perfect purple with slight shimmer, and in every photograph I took, regardless of light or flash, it looks like a dreary blurple. I did a little fiddling around with the editing tools on photobucket, and I've got an edited swatch for you that matches the colour in the bottle more accurately:

First, here's the unedited one:

And the more accurate one:

It's gorgeous. I know the colour on everyone's monitor is different, but the edited picture is a lot closer to the real shade than the unedited one. I'd definitely buy another bottle and I've worn this 3-4 times since buying it. Fabulous. I just wish Wet n Wild was available near me! I also lusted after Gray's Anatomy but I'm pretty sure that's a dupe of Catrice's Iron Mermaiden, or at least that's what I'm telling myself.

However, if you have either the Zack or Kelly polishes from the Saved By the Bell collection and you're willing to part with them, I will name my next pet after you and love you forever.

S xx


  1. I never knew these series existed! I LOVE IT! I was (am) a huge Buffy fan too. I remember my book wish list for my birthday one year was almost entirely made up of Buffy books. Loved them. I need these polishes in my life to satisfy my obsessions. I'm gonna get on the phone to my sister in the states as a matter of priority. She needs to start stalking the local walmarts.

    On a kinda-related note: sisters steal everything and then pretend it's theirs. It was never theirs.

    1. Sisters = Thieves.

      Oh you have to get it, I have a New Look polish called Giles, just need the rest of the gang now.

      I am a freak.

  2. I had the same trouble trying to get pictures of this one, but I must say it looks great on you.

    I was a huge Buffy fan, but mainly for DB...I follow him to Angel and now watch him on Bones...LOl

    1. I just could not get that purple to show up, was at my wit's end until I used the filter! Oh I still watch DB in Bones too, LOVE him :)x

  3. oh my god how i love Buffy! jesus i was obsessed!! still love it but just not watched as much :) That purple is gorgeous! :D i must have it....


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