Tuesday, July 10, 2012

NOTD: Natural Collection Shimmer Pink & Essence It's Purplicious!

Hey guys.

Lately I've wanted to try baby pink polishes, in particular Kim-Pletely in Love from the nOPI Kardashian Kolors collection, but I couldn't justify buying two of them within a month, the price is ridiculous.

I saw this pink in Boots last week and picked it up with my advantage card points along with some nail polish remover and cotton pads. It's Natural Collection Shimmer Pink, with an accent nail topped with Essence Special Effect Topper in 01 It's Purplicious!.

The pink is a little darkre in reality, and actually makes my hands look more sallow. It's a really nice pink, and it doesn't wash me out like some pastel colours tend to. It's nothing like Kim-pletely in Love, but it's satisfied me enough.

Just one thing - I want to take a closer look at that Special Effect Topper:

From other swatches I've seen, they've either changed the formula of this polish or it's different here. As you can see, the bottle I have is densely packed with multi-faceted multicoloured small glitters. In other swatches, it seems to be packed with larger purple hex glitter pieces. Just for comparison, here's a screencap of It's Purplicious as currently listed on the Essence website:

It's a completely different polish. Can anyone shed any light on it?

S xx


  1. I have no idea but I have heard that the American Essence is a bit different to our one. Might not be any truth in that at all but it would explain the differences.

  2. I bet they changed it. What I see on the shelf is that with-the-silver-glitter version and not full-of-purple one.
    And that full-of-purple one is now quite HTF even in Germany, so now I'm grabbing without thinking when I found that "good-old" one on the shelf (I mean, it's THAT hard to get).

    ...Of course this kills me, why they put same name on different polish? :(

  3. Ooh pretty! I'm so jealous that you get Essence! I think you're right, your swatch and the bottle shot look different, how annoying! xx

  4. I never even noticed that they'd changed it, I think they have changed the Aquarius one too but I'm not sure. It's a nuisance! x Ha Emma it's not always a good thing, I always end up with a massive bill because I pick up so many small things! x

  5. Your nails look like they were painted by Tinkerbell. Mine look they were painted by Captain Hook. :(

  6. they are really pretty! pity about the difference in the two bottles though :/ I mean still nice but not really what is advertised.


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