Sunday, July 1, 2012

NOTD Medley (Picture Heavy)

Hey guys. Although I haven't been posting, I've still been taking pictures of all my recent NOTDs, so here are a few.

First up is Browno Mars from Catrice.

Outside, no flash:

And inside, no flash:

I bought this for the name. There you go, that's how shallow I am. I didn't think I'd like the colour on me at all, but surprisingly, it does actually suit my skintone and I've left it on for the last two days (surely a polish record?). For e2.79 you can't really go wrong! (I cannot find the euro sign on this laptop, I've got the loan of Mum's old one, mine died).

Next up is NYC Skin Tight Denim Creme with a coat of Essence Night in Vegas over the top. I've bought a back-up bottle of Night in Vegas, and I think I'll be buying another one - I'm in love with it.

Outside, no flash, and close-up.

Essence Special Effect Toppers are either e2.29 or e2.79, I can't remember which. Still under e3 though, and fantastic value for the quality. 

Here's the topper again over Catrice - Hip Queens Wear Blue Jeans (outside, overcast, no flash):

Finally, I have a stamping attempt for you. I bought the Essence Stampy Set a while back, but I found the scraper abominable and the designs on the plates less than inspiring. After having a search online, I bought some plates on eBay (From THIS seller) and used the stamper from the Essence set. Instead of the scraper, I  used an old store loyalty card. It took me a while to get the technique right, but after a bit of playing round, I did this:

It's patchy in places, but overall I really liked it, and I'll have fun playing with the different designs. The base polish was the black creme from the Fearne Cotton Midnight Manicures collection for Boots Christmas 2011, the white was the Essence - Stamp Me! White (around e1.29) and the glitter was a random no-name cheap glitter from a set.

Apart from nail-painting, hair-plaiting was also in order:

I'm on a complete braid kick at the minute, it's so handy, and for someone with insanely curly hair that frizzes at the mention of the word moisture, braids are brilliant for keeping some kind of shape on it.

As you may have noticed, I've also changed the look of the blog. Mainly because I wanted something simpler, and the old layout was a nuisance with buttons going missing. Hopefully this one is a little easier on the eyes! I put a link to my polish spreadsheet up there too. There's a new 'contact' tab up there as well, but most of you know my other rambly places by now!

Also, thank you for the messages of support. You know who you are, and you rock.

Happy Sunday,

S xx


  1. The nail stamps look amazing, as does your hair! I love braiding as well, but it usually ends up just being the front of my hair. Definitely going to try doing it at the back now!

  2. I love the topper! I just bought it the last day :P It's €2.79 :) The flakie is such good quality too which really surprised me!!

    The stamping is brilliant! love the design and the colour combo.

  3. Thanks Chloe! I can never get my braids to sit right at the front, they always end up lumpy! Cuti, the topper is my favourite from the whole range, it's so shiny! I've had those stamping plates for ages now, just hit a creative wall and hadn't a clue what to do with them.

    Thanks for reading! S x

  4. that Essence top coat needs to be mine!!!!!!!! loving the braid btw, could never attempt something like that myself

  5. The Essence topcoats are brilliant, there's a dupe of OPI Rainbow Connection/Rainbow in the s-Kylie there too, and a dupe of Nails Inc. Electric Lane. Love Essence! Bet you could do the braid Lil, just a regular side one pinned up x


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