Sunday, July 8, 2012

Mini Penneys Haul & Essence Snow White NOTD

Hey guys!

I can't pass a branch of Penneys (Primark to any non- Irish peeps) without going in for a look. I have yet to actually enter the shop and just 'look'. It's always a novelty when I'm in a different town, I love to check and see if there's anything that my local branch don't carry.

Yesterday I hit Penneys Mullingar, which is a fairly big branch, bigger than my local Longford one anyway. There were loads of items on sale, and I picked up a few. I thought I'd post a few pictures, because I love seeing other people's haul posts, especially bargain ones. Here's the haul, minus the tights, socks and underwear, obvs.

Bead and Sequin sandals,  €2.00

MASSIVE (seriously, size of the duvet) Leopard/Heart Scarf  €1.00

Yellow Belt  €0.50

Blue Stone Pendant  €0.50

Spike Earrings  €1.50

Essence Snow White Nail File €1.29, Prince Charming topcoat €2.29, 'Grumpy' 
polish €1.99. Angelica UV glitter polish in 'Boogie Nights' & 'Atomic', 
€2.75ea. Double Pack nail polish remover wipes, €1.50

I also got the 'Dopey' polish from the Snow White collection but I'm passing it on because it really doesn't suit me. I was excited about this Trend Edition - I love all things Fairytale! 'Grumpy' is a gorgeous rich royal blue polish, it's actually the exact colour of my Bridesmaids dresses! I found it hard to photograph, but this was probably the closest match to reality:

Two coats, daylight, no flash.
Looking at it now, it's actually even a little darker than that. If I had to describe it, I'd say it was Subaru blue - it's exactly the same colour as my son's Subaru hat. It's so glossy, you can see a lot of reflections in that swatch above - that was just two coats. Application was flawless as usual - don't forget your base coat, I've a feeling this could be a stainer but I'll let you know.

Two coats of Grumpy, one coat of Prince Charming

The colour really comes to life when you add the topper - Prince Charming was the only topper in this collection that I wanted, and I'm not disappointed with the colour. Application, however, wasn't overly fun. As with most toppers that have larger glitter particles, you have to push this round on the nail and it has a tendency to clump. It also takes ages to dry. I do think it's worth it though, it's such a pretty topper. Before I put it over Grumpy, I tried it over the polish I was wearing yesterday, Nicole by OPI "It's All About The Glam" from the Kardashian Kolors collection. 

Three coats of It's All About The Glam with one coat Prince Charming
I almost prefer it over the white, I think it looks just as good as some of the indie glitters that I've been lusting after lately.

So, what do you think? Have you tried any of the Snow White polishes yet? 

Have a lovely Sunday evening,

S xx


  1. Wish we had a Penneys nearby! So jealous! May keep an eye out for the snow white essence stuff. That blue is what I have in mind for my sis in law for next year when I'm bridesmaid!

  2. I love Prince Charming over white!

  3. @Jacinta It was pure chance that I found it, nowhere in my nearest town had it on Friday! I love royal blue, it was my first choice for the girls and thankfully both loved it :)
    @Fairy_Ana - I know,right? It is definitely a combination I'll wear again!

    S xx

  4. Ooh I haven't seen the snow white collection anywhere yet, shall go hunting for it this week! I love prince Charming over that NOPI.

    Also that's a fab colour for the dresses!

  5. I got these too, they are fab! And yes that is a fab colour for a bridesmaid dress! :)

  6. Thanks girls, it's a lovely blue! I love the Essence special collections, wish they'd arrive a bit quicker though! x


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