Sunday, July 1, 2012

I Eat Cupcakes and I Don't Work Out

Or so says Blake Lively.

The secret to Blake Lively's bombshell bod? There aren't any,

At a screening of Oliver Stone's Savages in NYC Wednesday, the leggy
Gossip Girl star, 24, told Us Weekly she's not the most diligent when it
comes to keeping up an exercise routine... or eating her fruits and veggies.

"I eat cupcakes and I don't work out!" Lively admitted, laughing. "But if you
ask me in ten years, I'm going to regret answering that way now... I don't
even drink water. It's terrible!" -

Oh, Blake, Blake, Blake. You silly girl. I see what you were trying to do there, I really do. It can't be easy for the girlfriend of Ryan Reynolds to make herself more endearing to the female race - superfans are CRAZY with the girlfriend hate (see also: Justin Bieber, One Direction) but this kind of stuff isn't going to do it for you.

Firstly, here's the body that Blake gets from 'eating cupcakes and not working out' (translation: "I may have a half a bun once a month, and when I'm shooting a movie, I endure several hours of circuit training, core training, aerobics, weight training and ab training daily, all while on a strict diet that is prepared by a nutritionist and dietician.").

Image: instyle
In the spirit of honesty, I'm now going to share a very uncomfortable picture with you. That is not the body you get when you 'eat cupcakes and don't work out'. This is the body you get when you do that.

That was me at my heaviest ever weight, last June. I must have been doing Blake's diet wrong....

Thankfully, I'm not in that horrible self-conscious miserable place anymore, but things like this still really annoy me. If I had a body like Blake Lively, I'd be shouting from the rooftops about how many hours Id spent working out or how many cupcakes I'd foregone. I'd be bottling my sweat to show family members and I'd be taking hipster photographs of every machine that has a 'calories burned' display. Why do celebrities think that this pretence is something to be proud of? 

Over the past year, I've sweated buckets while doing workouts I didn't want to do. I almost cried at the thoughts of getting up to go walking in the rain. I sat eating my stupid low-calorie bread with lettuce and cucumber while everyone else had lovely Brennan's cheese toasties. I wanted the burger and fried chips, I had the carefully weighed oven chips and the grilled fish instead. I drank bucketloads of water. 

And I was damn proud of myself for all of that every time I had to go down another dress size (on the third one down now). Statements like this don't help anyone, and they're nothing to be proud of. I've always liked Blake Lively, but it infuriates me to think that she thinks it's okay to be quoted for something like this. I'd have respected her far more if she said "I love cupcakes, I treat myself, but I make sure I give a little extra in my workout to balance it out." Would that have been so hard? Are you proud of yourself for making vulnerable teens feel like shit every time they have a cupcake binge and DON'T look like you? 

We all know about Victoria Beckham and her 'fast metabolism' - a.k.a her bloody measuring plates and poo-whatever tea that everyone went mad for a few years ago. Stuff like this demeans those of us who work hard to be healthy, and it makes it sound like it's so easy to be fit. It isn't easy, especially if you (like me) are an emotional eater. When I read articles like this (which, by the way, rarely happens as I've stopped buying celeb magazines), I feel angry when I think of the amount of effort and dedication it takes to get fit and healthy. If it was as easy as eating cupcakes and sitting on your arse, we'd all be supermodels.

Why can't people just be honest? 

S xx


  1. You tell her hun!!!! Never EVER saw the point of such statements to be honest, we ALL know they're all lies and they just end up looking well stOOOOpid!
    I rase a glass of my beloved pineapple, coconut and banana juice to your amazing weight loss! I have been on 1 too 2 years ago: dropped about 1 1/2 stones...only for my bum and hips to still make me wear the same bloody dress size!!
    You'll look AMAZING on your big day!!!

  2. Well done lady, sounds like you're doing brilliantly! xo

  3. Well done to you Shanna and agree totally agree with you re the lies. Its as bad as the whole "i lost my baby weight in two days" celeb debacle

  4. Brilliant blog post and having seen you in real life I know you look fab and your hard work will have paid off on your wedding day x

  5. Ah thanks girls, it's been a long time coming but hopefully I've gotten into good habits now that will last a lifetime! The baby weight thing is another one, in particular smug photos of Miranda Kerr a few weeks after having her boy - felt a bit sorry for her, she obviously didn't get to enjoy her new baby at all before she had to start exercising! x

  6. Excellent blog post (only seeing it now) and well done on all your hard work, you're doing brilliantly :) x

  7. I just wanted to say that I think you looked bloody gorgeous in this photo! congratulations on all your efforts though, trust me I know how hard it is. Well done you!


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