Thursday, July 12, 2012

Dupe: China Glaze For Audrey VS Essence You Belong To Me

Hey guys. I promise this will be the last nail post for a day or two, I don't want to turn this into a nails-only blog, my cuticles couldn't handle it!

A while ago I bought a bottle of China Glaze 'For Audrey' and wore the polish once. I got two comments on it: "Ugh, jaysus, where'd you get that polish?" and "Oh my God I love your nail polish". I felt decidedly meh about it, so ended up swapping it. I've kicked myself so many times since, that eventually I just gave in and bought it again.

I get some of my harder-to-find China Glaze polishes from Beautyzone2007 on eBay, who is very reliable and always has my polish to me within 10 days (pretty good service considering she's in America and I'm in Ireland). This one cost me around e6.40 including postage, which is very reasonable for a brand new full-size product.

The possible dupe is from the Colour & Go range by Essence, it's 'You Belong To Me'.

Here are the swatches - I used two coats of each over a clear base coat.

Inside, no flash

Outside, no flash
I don't know about you, but to me, this is a full-on dupe. In reality, I can't see any difference whatsoever between the polish. The Essence polish costs 1.29 at the moment, but as you all probably know, Essence are changing their colour & go bottles. 

The new bottles are currently being rolled out in other parts of Europe, and will hopefully be with us in late August or early September - the only drawback  is that this particular colour isn't listed on the essence website as part of the new range (but is still listed in the old range) so I don't know if it's being discontinued or not. All the same - if you don't have 'For Audrey', you could do a lot worse than add this little beauty to your stash! Now, if only I could get this song out of my head:

Found any good dupes lately?

S xx


  1. They look the same to me :)
    When I order polishes from ebay, it is always from Beautyzone2007 I love her!

  2. I love the colour! wow I cannot see any difference between the two. I love when that happens! I know Topshop have a nail colour called 'treasure island' that's pretty identical to a chanel colour called 'peridot' a lot of people have been raving about! way way cheaper too :)

    -Frances x

  3. great review! have never tried China Glaze... must do! I like anglica nailpolishes from pennys.. great colours and dirt cheap too! x Marina

  4. I tried finding a dupe of this recently, I got Collection 2000 Electric Dreams but it is more on the teal side. This is a spot on dupe I think, so green eyed over you girls who can get Essence! x

  5. Thanks!! - I've always wanted to try For Audrey but was afraid it wouldn't suit my skintone - found a bottle of YBTM today and I LOVE it!!


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