Friday, July 13, 2012

Contest Entry for The Polish Well

Hello! I know I said no more nails but I have to do this to enter a contest so this doesn't count! There's celebrating going on right now over at The Polish Well, and I decided to enter their fantastic nail art contest. The theme is fashion, and you can find the rules here if you'd like to enter.

Here's my stab at it. First, I'll show you my inspiration:

Sources: [Skirt], [Vest], [Earrings], [Bag], [Trainers]

This, or a variation of this, was my absolute favourite 'dressed up' outfit in the mid-90s. I remember my Nana telling me off for buying red runners "What in the name of God did you buy those yokes for, look at the state of them, would you not get white ones, you can't wear them out". I LOVED my converse. I had a grey pair too and  I still think about the day I moved and left them behind me by accident. 

I loved all things sequin and sparkly, and had a vest a lot like this one. The denim skirt was a standard run-of-the-mill dark faded denim skirt, my bag or satchel was faded camouflage and my favourite earrings were peacock feathers. I wanted to choose something that meant something to me rather than just pick a print or pattern. Here's what I came up with:

I stuck, I sponged, I marbled, I drew - what do you think? I'm a lot happier with it in reality (as usual the camera shows up every little flaw) and I've already lost a few rhinestones but overall I like it. 

Have you done any nail art lately? Or seen any cool nail art contests? 

S xx

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