Saturday, April 21, 2012

Saturday Night Song #19

Hey guys! Hope this Saturday finds you all well and enjoying the weekend.

This week's SNS is by one of my favourite bands, Metallica - my favourite song of theirs is Turn The Page, but this is the one that made me buy my first Metallica albums as a teenager. This is my favourite version, performed with the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra.

Here's Enter Sandman.

I can't post that without posting this next video - I've done a post on mondegreens before, and sometimes when I need a laugh I look up misheard lyrics on YouTube. I discovered this one a few years ago, and for this reason and this reason only, every time I hear this song I wonder what Juan Ayoben looks like. It's silly fluff, but it's funny silly fluff. Enjoy! (skip to 1:04 if you hate the intro)

Have a great Saturday night!

S xx


  1. I'm a huge metallica fan! Great song

  2. Haha misheard lyrics are some of my favourite videos, for ages I thought The Saturdays were singing "Dunno if I should stab you or kiss you" & thought they were being a bit harsh!

    I've nominated you for blog awards also, if you'd like to do them, but no pressure :)
    You can find them here, if you're bored enough to do it!

    Chloe xo

  3. I used to bloody love Metallica back in the day!

  4. @Cuti & Esther - I love them too, haven't listened them to in so long!! Aw thank you Chloe, that's really good of you :) xx


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