Wednesday, April 11, 2012

NOTD: Cute as a Button

All I've done so far in April are nail posts, so this will be the last one for a few days - I have lots of rambly rants coming up so stay tuned (or be warned, whichever). Today I have the glorious task of weeding the backyard, so before my nails are in bits, I want to show you this look. I was making a baby card the other day and came across these buttons - I think they came in a cross stitch kit a while back. I really wanted to use the buttons on my nails but I couldn't get them to stay on - so I painted them instead. Here are the buttons and polishes I used:

L-R - Essie Sexy Divide, Essence The One And Only, Catrice Enter The Undergrowth,
Essence White Hype, Barry M Blueberry Ice-Cream and Essence Sundancer.
Inspired recently by a lot of white-based manicures including Ciara's Emma Bridgewater look and Esther's Black & White challenge look, I decided to give the white base one more try. Mine usually bleeds like bejaysus, so this time I took my time between coats and sealed the whole lot with a topcoat before I added colour. It worked! Yay! Here's the finished mani:

I like it, it reminds me of either a multi-coloured dalmatian or a load of pastel pigs snouts. Either's good. Another look? Okay:

One of the eBay goodies I ordered back in 1946* FINALLY arrived from Hong Kong yesterday, and in one piece too! Isn't is cute? I got it here for less than one euro. I do love my cheap gaudy animal rings. 

So, that's the last NOTD for a little while, I've a haul post coming and I'm also working on a nail polish collection post - okay, in truth, I'm waiting until after Friday in case I buy more. Also lots of non-nail related things in the pipeline, stick with me, I'll get there eventually!

Hope you all had a lovely Easter, 

S xxx

* Slight exaggeration. But it felt that long.


  1. So cute!!!! The height of my manicure is to paint them one colour and stay within the edges haha x

  2. They're so cute and even better, they're dots!!! That's all I can do with nail art myself ;P

  3. That is utterly fabulous! Love the buttons and the colours are gorgeous. Also, your ring is FIERCE :) xo

  4. Omg that is so fricking pretty!! jeez you are a little nail art dark horse aren't you :P I really want to try this now. It's perfect for spring.

  5. Fabulous! Your circles are perfect - will have to give this one a shot :D

  6. Dood! Those are soooooo bloody awesome! Nice one!

  7. Awh thank you all! The big circles are cotton bud ones and the little dots are cocktail stick ones, that's about as technical as it gets :) In LOVE with the ring, himself despises it, as he does all my gaudy animal tackiness! Thanks a million for reading xxxx

  8. Oh wow, these are even cuter than buttons! Amazing

  9. This mani is amazing! Really is super cute! xx

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  10. omg, how talented are you shanna
    liloo /@tsunimee xx


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