Sunday, April 1, 2012

NOTD: Catrice - Fred Said Red

Catrice are fast becoming a contender for the brand with the best nail polish names - I always thought that O.P.I had that market cornered, but with recent Catrice releases like "Browno Mars" (brown), "Pinky and the Brain" (hot pink), "Salmon and Garfunkel" (salmon pink) and this one, "Red Said Fred" (orangey red), I find myself drawn to the Catrice stands just to check the names out (that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it). This is a gorgeous summery polish, and it was opaque after two coats. It's not exactly a creme, but it does have a creme-like finish. Catrice have also changed their brushes - which I was delighted to see. The old brushes worked fine for me, but these new ones seem to make it easier to get a neater line near the cuticle. Here's the polish:

Here it is after two coats, inside first:

And outside:

Then, when I was looking through my polish stash I found my nail art pen, so decided to jazz it up a bit:

It's a lovely rich summer colour and I'll definitely be using this one again - I'm glad that it caught my eye in the shop, because I've never been a "red" girl. The only downside is having Right Said Fred's "I'm too Sexy" in my head every time I see it, but it's a small price to pay for such a lovely colour, and as with all Catrice polishes - at €2.79, you can't go wrong.

What's your favourite colour for Spring/Summer so far?

S xx


  1. Never heard of them before but by gosh that colour is gorgeous!! Will keep my cyber eyes peeled!!!

  2. Barry m pink flamingo is my favourite!! and i really hate pink which is weird. it's a very special polish :)

    i bought catrice heavy metallilac and birdy reloaded. Going to get 7 more from that collection because they are perfect for all year round use :)

  3. @Sera - It is so nice and it's never a colour I'd usually go for! Must have been the sun ;-) x

    @Musical.x - I haven't tried Pink Flamingo, but I love Barry M polishes so will definitely keep an eye out for that! I LOVE Catrice polishes, they have one called Acid/DC that I really want (just because of the name) in the new collection - they're amazing quality for a "drugstore" brand!!

    Thanks for reading xx

  4. I love the design you painted on them! :) ha ha I love Salmon and Garfunkel it got a chuckle the first time I read it! :)

  5. This is a beautiful spring time shade, and looks amazing against your skin tone! My favorite colors so far this season has been bright colors like yellow!

  6. Love the hearts SHaron!

  7. @WLL: It made me laugh too, some of their names are hilarious, love them!
    @Huda: Thank you! I think I'm still a bit afraid of yellow polish, but I really want to try some this year, there are some beautiful shades around!
    @Fab: Thank you! Last-minute decision :)

    Thanks for reading xx


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