Friday, April 13, 2012

I Am The Cheese

Right, if ever there was a picture to sum up the state of the country at present, this has to be a contender.

A humongous slab of cheese (half the size of the cover of Glamour magazine, to be exact) with "EU Aid" on the front and this fetching label on the back:

Not for resale? Dammit, there's free listing this weekend on eBay too. 

You may remember this bright idea from back in 2010 when it was announced that the Government was going to distribute cheese to the needy rather than milk because it was "easier". You can read an RTE article from that time HERE

Today, this cheese was being passed around to the people who use the local community rural transport scheme in our area. Not the intended recipients, I'd wager, but it was passed round none the less. My future mother-in-law was handed this whopping great slab of the stuff as she boarded the bus for her journey home. I thought this was a bit of a joke when it was originally suggested, but now that I see it, it just makes me angry. "EU Aid". EU Aid?! What's helpful about a huge lump of cheese that has no nutritional information, no description, no origin - I've no idea where this came from or what's in it. She doesn't eat cheese, she thought we might use it - if I was dying for a bit I wouldn't use it. We're not back in wartimes, I can't see how in the name of god this could benefit anyone classed by the Government as "needy". 

"The E.S.B is due, we have no oil, and we're running out of groceries. But HALLELUJAH, Praise Jesus, we have CHEESE." 

I would never incite violence but if I were anywhere near the person who thought that this was a good idea, they'd be picking rennet out of their hair for a week.

I'd also like to mention that this is still going on, as you can see from the date on the production label up there - and remind the people of Ireland that at the time, our present Government had this stance:

"The initiative was immediately attacked by the opposition Fine Gael party, who called it an insult to the country, which is suffering the worst financial crisis in its history" (From The Guardian, 5/11/10)

But it's not as if we needed any more proof of what we've elected, is it?

Don't worry, I haven't gone all political on yo' asses, but I just thought this was too good not to mention. You can substitute the word "good" there with any of the following: Embarrassing, degrading, bizarre, laughable, etc.

Resisting the urge to type Cheesus Christ and failing,

S xx

P.S: Here's the Glamour shot. It's BLOODY ENORMOUS.

Wondering about the title? Wonder no more. HERE.


  1. Woah,I'd half forgotten about that cheese, I thought it would have been handed out already! Crazy

  2. I am so gobsmacked I really don't know what to say...

  3. I remember vaguely reading about this, what an effin joke!!

  4. Madness, isn't it? Rotten crap it was too, broke it up for the animals.

  5. You are the only person I know who has said it was horrible! Everyone else who has tried it LOVED it, have had access to it a few times, again through dodgy stupid ways!

  6. Oh god Karie no!! I think it's because I don't like white cheese anyway, and I really don't like crumbly white cheese... it would probably have been grand grated on a spud or sandwich but it was enormous!!

  7. Last night @ 18:50, one of the committee members from our Housing Association came to our door, pushing a wheelbarrow full of this stuff.
    "We don't know...but...It's free cheese fom the council..." eehm k?
    My husband and I were dumbstruck when we read the label:

    -European Aid - Not for resale-

    Cheese? While the perpetrators of this horrible mess are still at large and living it up... our dear family members have departed these shores to find a way to make a decent living scattered across this planet...the basic cost of our living, rent, family shopping, school necessities, ESB and BG rates are rising and our incomes are falling? Out on a sink estate on the edge of the Haunted Bog @18:50 on a Tuesday evening in April (23rd to be exact in 2013)...


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