Tuesday, March 27, 2012

NOTD: I'll have the bisque.


  1. A rich, creamy soup typically made with shellfish, esp. lobster.
  2. An extra turn, point, or stroke allowed to a weaker player in croquet or court tennis.
  3. Fired unglazed pottery.
Light brown in color.
bisk - biscuit

Or, none of the above. Feast your eyes on this beauty.

The bottle is possibly the most Chavvy thing I've ever seen in my life (well, since the Daniella Westbrook Burberry baby "episode") and it's really, horribly hard to apply, but I LOVE IT. This came from ebay, as all the best things do - I got it HERE and it arrived reasonably quickly. I was a bit disappointed with that horrible glue smudge there on the lid, but the polish is lovely - as with all big glitters or shapes though, this is one of those polishes that you could probably spend a good five minutes getting right on one nail. You have to move the stars and hearts off the brush and swirl them around your nail - but when it dries, it's lovely. I wore this on one nail today with a base coat of "Sexy Divide" by Essie - another beaut. Have a look at the two of them, just chillin' in the bizarre March sun:

I got the Essie in a recent order from beautyemporium.ie - I picked up a few other bits, which I'll blog about in a while when I've used them enough to form a decent opinion on them. The Beauty Emporium site is being updated at the minute, so make sure to check back if you can't find what you're looking for now!

Another quick look at the Bisque in the sun - it's just gorgeous:

Instead of the usual ring finger accent nail, I used my middle finger - basically, because I had managed to smudge it, repaint it, smudge it, repaint it, and smudge it again. So I thought that this would make a pretty cover up - see what you think.

It took ages to dry and was pretty hard to work with, but all in all it's a really pretty polish and if you've got some time to kill, it would work well with pretty much any colour.

Have you picked up any obscure polishes? 

S xx


  1. Oooh, nice one, love the look of Bisque! xx

  2. love the new look of beauty emporium! hope their stock is better this time around

  3. Loving the purple,and the glitter is real cute! :)


  4. Thanks girls x Amazing what you can find on eBay! xx

  5. Ooh, pretty! I like the star shaped pieces of glitter

  6. I loved them too Breige, I had never seen anything like that in a polish before! xx

  7. Ya, it's really unique and I just noticed the hearts too!


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