Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I Rockalily Love You!

Heya, today I'm sharing lipstick love. If you haven't heard of Rockalily, prepare to want to learn a whole lot more.
A little while back, I purchased a gorgeous Rockalily lipstick from the lovely ReeRee Rockette's website - after reading the "Who is ReeRee Rockette" section on her site, I knew I'd found the woman who had the perfect red lipstick for me.

I haven't got the most pearly-white gnashers in the world - they're not grossly stained or anything, but they're not... Ross white, and I'm always a bit conscious of wearing red coloured lipsticks for that reason - most of them make my teeth look all kinds of yellow and it's GROSS.

On the site, ReeRee states this as one of her reasons for creating her own lipstick - her lack of luck in finding a nice blue-based red lippie that suited her style and made her feel... well, like red lipstick's supposed to make you feel. Sexy, confident, feminine - strong.
The shade I chose was called Rockette Red - have a goo:

Ignore the shite application, isn't the colour GORGEOUS?!! I did have a hairy-armed blogger swatch for ye but I thought you'd be better off having a look at how it looks on. It's hard to find a shade that's flattering with my colouring, but this one's lovely. Also, lads, this stuff does not budge for hours (two hours after a good scrub and it's still visible on aforementioned hairy arm) - so if you're anyway cack-handed like moi, take your time & put it on with a decent lip brush. Makes an awful difference, I promise! 

Rockalily lipstick is available in a number of different shades, and this one was priced at £14.50 - worth every penny. Get over to the site HERE if you want to have a look at all the shades an purchase one for yourself!

Also, the lovely Sera is running a giveaway over at her blog, The Agoraphobic Fashionista at the minute. The winner will receive two lovely prizes, one of which is a Rockalily lipstick of their choice. Get over there and have a go! You can enter HERE

Have you ever tried Rockalily lipstick? Or have you found your HG red somewhere else? 

S xx


  1. Never tried them but have heard loads of good things, it looks gorgeous on you!

  2. I bloody love this on you Sharon, oh how i've missed your posts, you have me laughing every time! Bloody love you. :-) xxx

  3. I have been coveting this for about 7 months now, but there is always some flipping bill that needs paying or kid that needs shoes. But I am nearing the end of my lipstick challenge and I keep coming back to wanting Mans Ruin.

    This looks gorge on you!

  4. i love the name of the lipstick and the colour is amazing!! really suits you :)

  5. Thank you so much for your lovely comments, I love the name too Musical.x, all the names are so cute! Haha the love is mutual Esther, I've missed posting! Good to be back in the mood again :)x Had an actual LOL @that "kid needs shoes" comment @ GWTSE - You know how I bought this? I sold a load of stuff on eBay! I needed new make-up (okay, maybe wanted more than needed) but yep, the bills keep coming... so whatever I make on eBay I get to spend on moi :)

    Thanks for reading & commenting ladies, much appreciated! S xx

  6. Have I always had this font?!!


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