Saturday, January 21, 2012

Saturday Night Song #17

I haven't done one of these in a while, and tonight I'm going to stray from my usual brand of one-hit-wonders/classic rock/80s. I updated my iPod this week with the most dancey songs I could bear, because as much as I love my Power Ballads, I really don't find power walking inspiring while Patrick Swayze is crooning in my earbuds.

I've been hearing this tune on the radio a lot lately, and I loved it instantly - even if the start does remind me a little bit of that horrible Holly Valance song from a few years back.

Here it is - Breathing by Jason Derulo. And as a bonus, he doesn't go "Jasonnnn Deruuullloooo" at the start. Always a good thing. Poor oul' Jason recently escaped being paralyzed when he landed on his head during a rehearsal for his new tour - here's hoping he makes a speedy recovery.

S xx


  1. eurgh... I am clearly too old for dance music cos I only heard the first 8 bars and turned the sound down... am currently loving walking to early Foo Fighters and Green Day, marilyn manson and Garbage.
    Must go dig out the hubs old nirvana CDS tomorrow, haven't heard them in a while now :)

    Happy Walking MGE!

  2. Haha it's amazing the stuff I can tolerate when I'm walking - I just tend to focus on the beat! Haven't listened to my Marilyn CDs in an absolute AGE, must have a root around and see if I can find 'em. Have Garbage Version 2.0 (my fave of theirs) & a couple of Foos albums on there too, you gotta love the 'Foos :)

    S x


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