Saturday, January 14, 2012

A New Year Catch-Up!

Hey guys, if you're still reading this blog despite the fact that I've gone AWOL for the past few weeks, then bless you - your support is much appreciated! What can I say? Real life got in the way again. Christmas itself was quiet, but the first few weeks of the New Year have proved to be just... well, mental. I haven't had time to scratch myself. Also, I've been having computer issues that would test the patience of a saint - huge f*ck off to the last man who "fixed" my laptop, and huge thanks to the lads at Creative IT Computer Solutions in Mullingar who got this baby going again within a few days of me leaving it in. Little stars, ye are.

So, now - what's been going on while I've been internet-less? Has anyone made any interesting resolutions or taken up any new activities or lifestyle changes? For me, I only have one resolution, and it's one I've robbed from good ol' Willy Shakespeare:

That's it. Sure, by the time 2013 rolls around I'd love to be driving on a full licence (okay, just driving then), married (I am actually engaged, that's not me going into psycho "must find a husband" mode), and at my goal weight (whenever I have the balls to find out what my goal actually is). But I know this - my chances of achieving any of the above are greatly increased by being honest and true to myself.

I promise, I'm not going to go all philosophical now. Back to the silliness. I bet you're all dying to know what I've been up to, right? RIGHT? *tumbleweed*..... I'm going to tell you anyway. Here's... an update of stuff that's happened since Christmas.

1. Storage Wars.
I bought a storage unit for all my nail polish in Aldi, it's in stores now and it'll cost you 5.99 of your finest almost-defunct European coins. I will get my Ikea Helmer one day, but until then, I can finally store my polishes vertically. A momentous occasion indeed.

2. Teething Problems.
I thought that when my son got all his teeth, that would be the end of it. No more crying, no more toothaches, no more sore gums. Ah, how naive I was. He recently lost his first tooth, and oh - rejoice! Two teeth are coming up. In places where they're not supposed to be. This does not a happy house make.

3. Telly Addict.
Since I've been internet-less, I've watched seasons 1-3 of True Blood, every single Harry Potter movie in sequence, and all ten seasons of Friends. What I have learned from this: Even though I love True Blood, I still maintain that Buffy the Vampire Slayer is the best vampire programme ever created; I think I have a strong crush on Professor Snape; and Friends only gets funnier the more you watch it.

Time well spent, I think you'll agree.

4. Read All About It.
I won't lie, I won't pretend that I've been perusing the literary classics. The first... eh... book... I tackled was a Mills and Boon Christmas Special, which was a bit meh (aka - no riding). No interest in the baby-daddy ones, sorry Mills & Boon. The next one was a polar opposite - it was Chasing Justice by Kerry Max Cook. If you have never heard Kerry's story, I recommend you check this book out - it's an unbelievable honest and  at times harrowing account of Kerry's 22 years of imprisonment for a crime he didn't commit. I read the whole thing in one sitting - I couldn't put it down. This isn't for the faint of heart or those with weak stomachs - but it is an unbelievable story, one that ultimately ends on a hopeful note. Recommended!

The last book I read was Whisper Falls by Toni Blake - I'm halfway through this at the minute, and it's a much better standard of 'romance' novel than Mills & Boon. I don't even know whether to call it Romance, Chick-Lit (HATE that term) or just fiction - it's a gorgeous little novel about the sweet creative girl next door who gets herself involved with the hard-ass tattooed scary biker with a heart of gold and a soft fuzzy side (not literally, because that's going into a whole different kind of romance) - all in all, it had me at "biker".

5. Weigh to Go
I had my first Weightwatchers meeting of the New Year on Jan 5th - I was pleasantly surprised to learn that even with all the wine-ness of Christmas and the tin of Celebrations, that I'd only put on two pounds over the two weeks. I kicked it up a notch last week, got back into my walking, and tried as best I could to stick to my daily points and a varied diet, and on Thursday I was down 2.5lb - that's the Christmas weight gone plus another half a pound. I'm now in the New Year at a size 16 and weighing 14 stone 1.5 lbs - this time last year I was a size 20-22 and almost 17 stone. It's easy to look on the negative side of things, so I'm giving myself a he-uge pat on the back for my achievements so far and I'm looking forward to updating this with an even better result this time next year.

So - there you go. Throw in a sciatica flare-up, a sick father-in-law, two funerals, back to school mania, the OH being away a lot, a wee bit of down-in-the-dumps-ness, copious migraines, and you have my January so far. I've a couple of things coming up during the week - lipstick reviews, nail polish swatches, ramblings, recipes and a few other bits and bobs.

Thanks for reading, guys. Sincerely.

S xx


  1. So glad you're computer issues are finally sorted, welcome back.

    'To Thine Own Self be True' - what a great motto to live by, the perfect resolution really.

    1. I love those storage units, so handy and that's a great price (yay for Aldi).

    2. eek, I had two extra eye teeth (which I only got removed last year) so I feel his pain, the poor thing.

    3. I enjoyed True Blood too but completely agree that Buffy the Vampire Slayer is the best vampire show.

    4. I'm definitely gonna check out Chasing Justice.

    5. That's an absolutely brilliant weight loss in a year, so you deserve lots of credit for it. Well done on this week's weight loss too.

    I'm not surprised you're suffering from 'a wee bit of down-in-the-dumps-ness' with all that's going on. Let's just say that I completely hear ya, especially on the funeral side of things.

  2. Thanks so much Paula - I personally always have found January a really bleak month, and it's easy to get sucked into the...bleakness. This week has been the first week since before Christmas that I've found myself wanting to get up and do things, and I'm in a great place right now so let's hope that continues! The Hamlet quote has always been my favourite Shakespeare quote, I think if you live by that, you can't go wrong. Here's to a great 2012! xxx

  3. Delighted that you're back and got all your tech stuff sorted. I think Paula covered everything I wanted to say in her post but I'll add that I would love to see a nail polish collection once you have it all sorted in your new containers!:D
    I also believe that that's a great quote to live by. One of my favourite not necessarily quotes, but thought, that's quite similar, is that you are one of the biggest obstacles that you have to overcome when you want to do something in your life. We stop ourselves from achieving things way more often than we even realise.

  4. Whey hey! Welcome back lady, I knew I was missing somebody but didn't realise who until your post popped up!

    Happy new year! Sorry to hear about the 2 funerals, we had 2 as well (26Dec and 31 Jan not the best way to start a new year) but hopefully this year will end better!

  5. @Sunshine - I will definitely do a nail polish collection, I haven't even started trying to organise them yet, saving that for some evening that I have the munchies to stop me from picking :D I love your quote too, it's brilliant - it's easy to blame other people when things go wrong x
    @GWTSE - Thank you! I know, it's horrible at any time of the year, but always seems so much worse at Christmas. Here's to a happy 2012 :) x

    S xx


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