Saturday, December 24, 2011

Why I Will Never Use Debenhams Online Again.

Hey guys! Have been experiencing serious internet issues over the past few days, so please excuse the lack of posts - I will do my best to finish the Nail Challenge before 2012 hits, so bear with me!

For the minute, I want to talk about my experience with Debenhams online. As you all know by now, I don't like to mince my words or sugar coat things that annoy me - I am also the first one in line to give credit where it's due, as was the case with and Cara Pharmacy. This, however, was a horrendous experience from start to finish and I can officially say that I will never, ever use Debenhams online service ever again.

A few weeks ago - Sunday 11th December 2011 to be precise, I came across something that my other half had bought me for Christmas. It was an Estee Lauder lipstick, in the colour Pink Ambition. After looking at swatches online, I knew that my sister would adore the colour, and being the type of girl that would never splurge on herself, I ordered one from the Debenhams website for her. I paid instantly, and received an order confirmation by email stating that Debenhams would keep in touch with me during every step of the order.

This, unfortunately, was not the case. After the initial payment, and despite Debenhams claiming on their site that they deliver within 3-5 days:

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I heard NOTHING until 3 days later (Wednesday 14/12), when I got an e-mail to say that my order had been despatched:

On the previous day, I had still heard nothing - this was December 13th (Tuesday) and wanted to know if Debenhams used An Post or a Courier so that I could make sure I had arrangements to accept delivery. I took to twitter and asked this:

 I got this reply:
The link in that tweet was of no help whatsoever, it took me to THIS PAGE, which still didn't answer my question. However, I did manage to pick the word 'courier' up, so I presumed that all orders were sent by courier. If my order was listed as 'despatched' on the 14th of December, why was it that I heard NOTHING by e-mail or otherwise until Monday December 19th, when at approximately 1pm, a Nightline courier rang me. Ordered on the 11th, despatched the 14th, and took a further 5 days to get to me?! I'm only in Longford, not Outer Mongolia.

The conversation went like this: "Hello Miss X, this is X from Nightline Couriers. I have a small packet here for you from Debenhams, are you around?" "Yes, I'm actually in X village at the moment, so I can meet you at the corner and save you a trip out to my house." "Well, the thing is, it'll be another hour before I get out there, I'm in X town at the minute, you don't know anyone here I could leave it with?" "Eh.... I don't think so, no?!" "What about the Newsagent, I could leave it there? It's just that I'm up to my eyes and I don't think I'll get out to you this evening." "Right. Well sure leave it in the Newsagent so, I'll pick it up later on if you can't get out here." "Grand, thanks a million."

Bear in mind that the town he was talking about is THREE MILES away from my village. What exactly is he getting paid for again?
The whole thing just left a bad taste in my mouth - I find the Debenhams online representatives to be completely detached - I asked a simple question via twitter and would have been delighted with a straight answer, even if that answer happened to be "I'm not sure, let me check!".

Poor, Debenhams. Very very poor. Will not be using your online site again.


  1. That's very poor service on all fronts Sharon. Delighted to read that Debenhams apologised.

    When I worked in Carphone Warehouse, Nightline would collect/deliver our stuff. We were on great terms with the delivery man, so we'd often have a bit of a chat. In the past year or so it seems that Nightline are putting more and more work on their couriers. Our delivery man used to be out from 6am till 8pm most days and was getting more and more stressed as the months went on. They don't sound like a great crowd to work for tbh, so that might explain your strange delivery experience.

    Thank Bob it got sorted before Christmas. Debenhams were sending me emails on the 20th saying "There's still time to order for last minute Christmas gifts". I'm very glad I didn't take them up on that, as I would have had some very disappointed friends and relatives!

  2. Thanks Kat, and sorry for the delay in replying - can't believe they were still sending e-mails out that late! I feel sorry for the courier, I definitely think they're overworked at Christmas, it must be awful pressure on them. x


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