Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Swatches - Essence, GOSH, Twilight.

I picked up a few new polishes recently, and while I haven't had the chance to try them properly because of this nail challenge, I've swatched them for you on some nail wheels. I've mentioned these wheels before, I got 10 for less than €2 HERE

First up: Essence Circus Circus Colour³ Nail Polish in "Applause, Applause". 

There are four variations of the Colour³ polishes - this one, a black/gold one (My Sparkling Acrobat), a gold one (Don't Feed the Tiger) and a pink one (Cotton Candy). Here's a shot of all four from the WEBSITE:

They cost a mahoosive €3.29 each, I just picked up the one polish, but no doubt I'll be back for the rest. Swatchies:

Here's a blurred shot inside, with flash, to show how sparkly this is under the light:

Next up, GOSH nail glitter in 03, Grey Moonstone.

GOSH nail glitters have been around for a while, but I only came across them last Friday. I had a voucher for our local Doc Morris, so I picked up an Elizabeth Arden compact (reduced from €23 to €11.99) and this nail glitter (€6.99) - using a voucher, I got the two for €14. 

I know that GOSH themselves and other nail bloggers suggest dipping your nail into the glitter pot, but why anyone would want to do that is beyond me - I always remember the way we put glitter onto our Christmas cards at school, and that's the way I use this nail stuff - paint your nail, put a piece of paper or cardboard down, shake the glitter all over it, brush the excess off, and use the card as a funnel to put the glitter back into a pot. Minimal waste, and very tidy despite how it sounds. Want to see the result? Here you go - this was over clear nail polish.

Left - outside, natural light. Right - inside, flash, blurred to show sparkle. I love this, I'll definitely be using it over Christmas. It's surprisingly longlasting too, it doesn't leave bits of glitter all over the place like I assumed it would. Nice work, GOSH!

Lastly, I have swatches of the Twilight trio I got from my Cara Pharmacy order. These cost €3.99 and to be honest I only bought them because I liked the look of the purple - it didn't disappoint. Here's a shot of the three bottles:

The swirls on the bottles intrigued me - I should know better at this stage, they're obviously painted on the inside of the bottles. There's no sign of said swirls when the polish is applied. Have a look:

The polishes don't have names. I really do like the purple one, I don't have anything like it. I wouldn't wear the peach, EVER - it reminds me of an old Cutex one that my Nana frequently repurchased. Yuck. The pink is... meh. All in all, I'm glad I got them if only to have the purple, and I can't believe I fell for the swirly bottle trick. 

What do you think, has anything tempted you to track it down? 

S xx


  1. I have been after those Essence ones, they look gorgeous. You got a right bargain with the EA & GOSH there SHaron!

  2. I'm a little bit in love with that uber glitter!

  3. Defiantly going to be looking for the Essence ones! How cool would that swirl on the Twilights one have been if it were real?!:( I've seen the Gosh glitter but i don't know how pushed I am about it to be honest. i really don't think I'd use it that much. x

  4. @FF - I would never buy EA foundation over here if it wasn't on offer - usual price almost €24!!
    @Dawniepants - it's lovely, but I don't know if it's practical!!
    @SR - The Essences are gorgeous, our local stockist is out at the min, but the second they come back in I'll be trying some more - particularly the gold/black one! I LOVE the look of the GOSH glitter, BUT. Will I ever use it? Doubtful, to be honest. I only got it to bump my total up to over €15 so I could use my voucher! The Twilight ones were such a let-down, I thought the swirls would be lovely in the polish, couldn't believe it when I applied them - no difference to any other cheap movie-related polish. To anyone reading who may be considering them: Unless you're dying to get those colours into your collection, don't bother. They're nothing special.

    S xx


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