Thursday, December 8, 2011

Order with Cara Pharmacy

Hey guys. I don't know if any of you are familiar with Cara Pharmacy - they are based in Donegal, and have stores in Leitrim, Cavan, Donegal and Sligo. They also have an online ordering service and will deliver to any county in Ireland.

I've ordered with Cara before - and always been 100% happy with everything I've ordered. Their prices are amazing, and they only charge €5.00 for (courier) delivery. They offer 10% off all orders over €50, free delivery nationwide with orders over €50, and 15% off all orders over €100. I placed my order late on Monday night (5/12) and it arrived today (Thursday 8/12). In the meantime, I had a query about my order, which was immediately attended to by Catherine - thank you!

Here's a quick shot or two of the things I ordered, along with pricing information. Firstly, everything was packed well, in a sturdy box, bubble wrap, and all items were individually wrapped in gorgeous blue tissue paper.

Also included were some lovely gift bags and the latest edition of their catalogue.

Here are the bits and pieces I picked up - some really great value stocking fillers/Kris Kindle (always thought it was Chris Cringle) gifts.

Top - Alex Curran [Alex] 100ml fragrance and 150ml body lotion (€11.00), Celine Dion [Chic] 30ml fragrance and 75ml body lotion (€9.00), Calum Best [Best] 100ml men's fragrance and 150ml shower gel (€11.00), Twilight Beauty Nail Polish Set [Dark Plum, Nude and Dark Pink] (€3.99) and a little W7 foundation brush for €2.99.

Amazing value - am keeping the nail polish (surprise, surprise) and will be giving the Calum Best set to himself, because it smells AMAZING. Everything else will be included with other bits and bobs for family members (none of them read this, don't worry).

Go check out the site, they also stock Smashbox, Calvin Klein makeup, loads of fragrances/aftershaves, Babyliss, Yankee - brilliant site.

I bought and paid for everything in the above pictures with my own money, just sharing the love!

S xx


  1. oooo I've been looking at those Twilight polishes but I haven't bought them yet! You'll have to let us know how they are.


  2. Order placed. My poor wallet! lol. Have been eager to try the W7 stuff but couldn't find it anywhere.

    Thanks for this review.

  3. @Dawniepants - I definitely will, I've got some swatches and I'll pop them up early next week, the purple is lovely!

    @Sarah - you're welcome, hope you picked up some nice bits and pieces - I like W7, it's a nice little range for the price.

    S xx

  4. Don't get me wrong I love Cara pharmacy, but when I purchased on line I had a completely different experience the system cause a problem with my account and froze my money for 3 days.. then my order was delivered to someone else's house.. I only found out because I rang the courier who said he'd left it in d porch? we don't have a porch, so had to then go retrieve it from a strangers house down the road.. fair enough the people had the same surname but the house was a different number and he should have checked..

  5. I guess people have different experiences, I certainly couldn't fault Cara's customer service, it's genuinely some of the best I've come across - that's just my experiences with them though! Glad you got your stuff in the end, a courier once left a huge Littlewoods order of mine in someone else's garden behind a wall, thankfully the occupant of the house was honest and decent enough to get my number off the packages & ring me. Not a fan of couriers :)

  6. Cara Pharmacies give a fantastic service with great prices and in fairness "Anonymous" the courier is at fault.

  7. Edel thanking you for pointing that out, I agree that the courier was at fault. Although I do feel I had stated that in my post and actually did not blame Cara pharmacy for that, however regardless the courier was hired by Cara not by me, and I do think that they would accept some responsibility over companies they contract work too. Also it was not the courier who requested the incorrect amount of money from my account causing freezing off all money in account until the correct amount had cleared. Anyway I was just providing my feedback, I did not say Cara pharmacy had bad customer service I just identified my experience from ordering on-line. Regardless of that experience I still regularly shop with Cara pharmacy but prefer to do it in store where all the staff are more than helpful.
    Best Wishes.

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