Thursday, December 8, 2011

31 Day Nail Polish Challenge: Day 25 - Fashion!

Eh, I'm not the most 'fashionable' of people. My wardrobe consists of various kinds of biker boots, high shoes that I wear once and then immediately despise, bootcut and flared jeans, leather jackets, woolly cardigans, long-sleeved tops, scarves, and a feckload of jewellery. That's about the height of it. Oh, and one dress. And 99% of it's all black. I'm not joking.

Taking all of the above into consideration, I tried to think of designers or trends that caught my eye recently - and I could only think of one. Actually, it was my Penneys pyjama bottoms that made me remember this beauty - the now infamous McQ Tartan Puffball dress.

Gorgeous, isn't it? This first caught my eye when Rihanna wore it on the X-Factor a few weeks back (mainly because it was the first time in about four years I'd seen her performing in more than her underwear), and since then, I've seen it everywhere. Check out for more pictures and info.

Here are the polishes I used - just out of shot are my trusty skewers, which I'm still using to draw lines - please forgive my wobbliness, I am practising and I think my lines are getting better?

L-R: Barry M [Raspberry], GOSH [Gold], Essence [Red-y To Go] and Essence [Black is Back].

Here's the look:

And outside (in the dark, sorry!):

Here's a pic of it in daylight, this morning - apparently I was picking at my ring finger in my sleep (happens regularly, I'm a picker), so excuse that. This is purely to show the colours in daylight:

All in all, I'm happy with the design, and I will definitely try this one again when my nail art pens arrive (thanks, eBay!) - for me, this challenge is all about learning, and I consider this one step further in the search for the perfect straight line :)

S xx


  1. Beautiful! And perfect for the Christmas season. Shame you have to take it off again!

  2. Thanks Kat! I'm definitely going to do this one again over Christmas - I don't mind taking them off, because as you can see - even in my sleep I pick at my nails! Disaster x

  3. That is Bloody AWESOME!!!!! I love that!!!

  4. awww like it a lot!!
    i love tis pattern!

  5. Aw *blushes* thank you girls xx

  6. So cute, I adore that dress. I only wish I could pull it off!


  7. You've done an amazing job here Sharon,love it! Better than I could do!x

  8. Thank you! I love the dress too, not a hope of me wearing it, but it's fab! Esther, I'm sure you could do much better, my lines need an awful lot of work!! Thanks girls xxx


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