Wednesday, December 7, 2011

31 Day Nail Polish Challenge: Day 24 - Book!

Phew, finally got here. I almost considered jacking this challenge in over the weekend - I just couldn't find the time or the creativity needed to come up with anything I thought was good enough. Then I thought - what the hell, it's a nail polish challenge, not a thesis. I'm determined to finish it!

Today is Day 24 (today is actually probably about Day 37, but hey, who's counting) - which called for nails "inspired by a book". This one was hard. I didn't know whether to go with a book cover, a storyline, or what - so I took the easy way out and picked a book with illustrations.

This is "The Melancholy Death of Oyster Boy & Other Stories", by Tim Burton.

This is a collection of short stories, illustrated in typical Burton style, about a whole host of interesting and different characters. Dig a little deeper into this and you'll see it for what it really is - a very insightful and thought-provoking look into the lives of those who are different. To quote the back of the book, they are "misunderstood outcasts who struggle to find love and belonging in their cruel, cruel worlds." It's gorgeous, and if you'd like to pick a copy up for yourself or a Tim Burton fan, you can get it on and/or

So, here are the looks I came up with:

Here's all the stuff I used - I still haven't bought any nail stripers or nail art polishes, so I'm still using regular polish for all my attempted nail art and every tool available from brushes to pencils, skewers, sponges and needles! I use the top of the Boots polish remover pads container to blob my polish on before I use the brush/skewer.

Polish, L-R: Essence [White Hype], Barry M [Blueberry Ice Cream], China Glaze [Calypso Blue], Essence [On Your Gracile Tiptoe], Rimmel [Exotica], Essence [Watch Out], Claires [Matt Grey], Missguided [Misschevious], Essence [Sunflower], Essence [Red-y To Go] and Betty Boop [Black]. I used the China Glaze as a base for all 5 designs. Here's a close-up of each, plus an explanation:


Yeah. I smudged this one, only just copped as I was uploading. Ah well, practice makes perfect! This nail is inspired by the story of Stick Boy and Match Girl in Love. They met, they fell in love, alas, twas doomed. She burned him alive. By accident, presumably.

Index Finger:

Excuse the stumpy little nail, it broke a few days ago. This was inspired by the story of Voodoo Girl, or in particular, her heart. Voodoo Girl has loads of male admirers, and she's quite pretty, but she still can't get close to anyone. Why? Because whenever she does, the pins stick further in.

Middle Finger:

This is Staring Girl. This is one of the more light-hearted stories in the book, about a girl who stares and then literally gives her eyes a rest by popping them out and sending them off on a break.

Ring Finger:

Meet The Girl With Many Eyes. A lovely, pretty girl - unfortunately, as lovely as her personality is, the multiple eyes tend to put potential love interests off. "You really get wet when she breaks down and cries."

Little Finger:

This is Roy, the Toxic Boy. Or just Roy to his friends. Roy is addicted to all kinds of toxic substances, particularly fumes. What happened to Roy? Well, Roy was quite happy as he was - but died when people tried to change him.

I love this book, I realise it's not to everyone's tastes, but if you like your life lessons taught in a darkly humourous and very macabre way, then pick this up. It's worth it for the illustrations alone.

S xx


  1. Awesome! My favourite day of them all so far! X

  2. Thanks Kat :) Had loads of fun doing this, not something I'd wear every day but it was definitely the most fun so far to do !! xx

  3. I absolutely LOVE that book it's a firm favourite in this house! Loving the nails as well what a fun idea! xx

  4. It's a brilliant book! Thank you :) xxx

  5. awwwwww!!
    tim burton!!!!


  6. Another great manicure, I love this little characters you've done!

  7. @Black Cat I know :) I love Tim Burton x

    @FF - Thank you, much appreciated xx

  8. that is absolutely feckin DEADLY!!!! well done!!


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