Friday, November 4, 2011

That Was The Week That Was

You like my reference to 1960's programming?

Sigh. I know, I know, I did it again. I have commitment issues when it comes to continuing any series I attempt to start on this blog, so from now on - no more series, I think I'm allergic. Here's a little update on the things that have caught my blogging eye over the last week:

'Twas Spooky...

Ah, Halloween. Or, Slutoween as it's become known. NO idea why, I mean I only saw about 30 girls in the niteclub on Sunday night who looked like they'd need medical procedures to get their costumes off. Best costume award went to my sister's boyfriend Séan, who gave me nightmares:

'Twas Sparkly...

I finally got my hands on the other two Deborah Lippman-inspired glitter polishes from Essence - the red one is "Time for Romance" and the gold one is "Make it Golden". Red worn over Barry M Raspberry and Gold worn over Gosh Gold (recently won in a giveaway over at the lovely Swatchies:

I don't like either of the glitters, I won't be using them again, so if anyone wants them, leave a comment and I'll get them out to you - first come, first served.

'Twas Weirdy...

Justin Bieber's* a Daddy?! How is this humanly possible? Mind you, who didn't realise that he was a dirty little fecker after he did that 'call me' hand signal to Cheryl Cole on the Xfactor last year. Can anyone else smell the  publicity scam a mile off? While googling pictures of pregnant Barbies to include in this post (just for the whole Justin = Plastic thang), I came across something that I'd forgotten - the enigma that is Justin's own Dad. Form your own opinions on this one..

'Twas Blurry...

What's worse than a hangover? A hangover, finally getting home to your own bed, and realising that you've left your only pair of glasses in your sisters house 40 miles away. I can't drive, nor can she, so operation get-glasses-to-sister began. As of yesterday, they're now 25 miles away, in the safe hands of my Mammy. I am hopeful that we will be reunited tomorrow or Sunday. Fingers crossed. All 20 of them.

'Twas Breaky.

This week I also decided to take a little twitter break - I WILL return to it, I was just overdoing it and found myself on the laptop far too often. My house was beginning to resemble Miss. Havisham's room, such was the lack of housework. I have now set an internettin' limit of two hours per day for a few weeks, which is not a bad thing, considering even typing this I nearly burnt the arse out of a saucepan.

So, that was the week that was. Have a great weekend!

S xx


  1. Have a great weekend yerself!

  2. time for romance is really nice!!!

  3. Musical.x, drop me an e-mail at shannairl1983[at]hotmail[dot]com or DM me @shannairl on twitter if you want it - I won't use it again!


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