Monday, November 28, 2011

Tag: The Movie of My Life.

I originally came across this a while ago over on this blog, and I've been sitting on it for a while, so I decided to whip out the iPod again after the last shuffle game I did gave me all kinds of joy. You pick your own cast, and then let your iPod or mp3 player choose your soundtrack. Be warned, I'm being very generous with my cast. It's my movie, I can lie if I want to. I also added a love interest, because himself was left out of the original idea. Awwwww, here goes!


You - Renee Zellwegger (she'd be handy for any fluctuating weight needs).
Mom - Bette Midler (the Mammy's favourite).
Dad - Tom Selleck (used to think he was my Dad on telly when I was about 3).
Sibling - Larisa Oleynik (the Sister always reminded me of her).
Neighbour - Channing Tatum (because it's my movie).
Best Friend - Mila Kunis (Mila, if you're looking for a creepy best friend, give me a shout).
Teacher - Stockard Channing (actually the spitting image of my most favourite teacher ever).
Inspirational Figure - Hah? Eh... Morgan Freeman (because he crops up everywhere, why not here?).
Bad Guy - Gerard Butler (very, very bad...)
Love Interest - Jared Leto (because himself reminded me of him the night we met & I love them both equally. Okay, maybe I love himself a bit more).
Comic Relief - Kevin James (just because).
Son - Brayden Coyer (Same eyes as my boy, and please don't arrest me for googling "7 year old male actors").
Daughter - None.
Foreign Exchange Student - None.
Boss - Richard Gere (Yes, I watched An Officer and a Gentleman last night...swoon).
Fun Coworker - Adam Sandler (see Morgan Freeman reason).
Witty Acquaintance - Matthew Perry (but his name would have to be Chandler, to quote a facebook group, I have a hard time accepting Friends characters in any other roles).
Cameo as his/herself - Mel Gibson (One day, Mel... one day...)
Narrator - Morgan Freeman (great multi-tasker, that Morgan)
Director - Tim Burton (because shit needs to get weird at some points).
Producer - Adam Sandler (because shit can't get too weird).
Screenplay - I'd give some unknown dude the break.
Score - Danny Elfman (can't have Tim without Danny).

Quite the movie, no? Here's what my movie poster would look like, if I allowed a 6 year old to create it in Paint:

Now, for the fun part: Stick your music player on shuffle and let it pick your movie soundtrack. NO CHEATING! Will it be an embarrassing mish-mash of Adam Rickitt and S Club Juniors (yes, they're on there somewhere), or a smash-hit Adele/Florence and the Machine chart-topper? Let's find out (I am putting far too much thought into this, I know).


Opening Credits - Jedward - [Lipstick]. Kill me now.
Waking Up - The Wanted - [The Weekend]. I love The Wanted, I have no problem admitting that.
First Day at School - Swedish House Mafia - [Save the World]. High expectations there, all that happened on my first day at school was a bee sting.
Falling in Love - Eminem ft Rihanna - [Love the Way You Lie]. That's about right!.
Fight Song - Ash - [Oh Yeah]. If Hugh Grant and Colin Firth can have Geri Halliwell, I can have Ash.
Breaking Up Song - Ed Sheeran - [You Need Me, I Don't Need You]. Hahahaha! THIS GAME ROCKS.
Prom - Def Leppard - [Let's Get Rocked]. I want to go to that Prom, immediately.
Life - Professor Green ft Emeli Sande - [Read All About It]. This is starting to turn into another 8 mile.
Breakdown - Lady Gaga - [Born This Way]. Excellent choice, shuffle. Excellent choice.
Driving - Ricky Martin - [She Bangs]. No comment.
Flashback - Dead or Alive - [You Spin Me Round]. You'd know Adam Sandler was producing this, wouldn't you?
Getting Back Together - The Saturdays - [All Fired Up]. Apparently we get back together in a shitty niteclub.
Wedding - Enrique Iglesias - [Tonight (Explicit Version)] - Could you imagine if we had this as our actual wedding song - "come on up for the first dance" - "ooooohhhhh tonight I'm f*cking you...". I'm half tempted.
Birth of Child - Kelly Clarkson - [You Love Me]. It's a bit jolly, but it's alright. I've never actually heard this song before, no idea when I put it on here.
Final Battle - Aloe Blacc - [I Need a Dollar]. Oof. That doesn't bode well.
Death Scene - Lady Gaga ft Beyoncé - [Telephone]. Yes, that's right. I'm not able to answer the telephone. AND I NEVER WILL BE.
Funeral Song - The Cure - [Friday I'm in Love]. Totally appropriate funeral song. Totally.
End Credits - Sak Noel - [Loca People (Explicit)]. What the f*ck indeed.

So there you have it, folks. I think the end credit song says it all! Let me know if you decide to do this, I'd love to read it!

S xx


  1. Great post, enjoyed reading it very much, and I love the stars from your movie! Might do this too when I get some spare time :) xx

  2. Thank you! I love these kinds of posts, sometimes the shuffle comes up with hilarious ones, I do have to limit them though because if left to my own devices I'd have one up every day :) Thank you for reading! S xx

  3. hahha great!!


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