Saturday, November 26, 2011

Saturday Night Song #13

Okay, I haven't watched telly in over a week, and I have to say it hasn't bothered me in the slightest. It hasn't bothered me to the point that I'm not even going to bother getting Saorview for my little telly in the kitchen, I'm just going to keep it there for watching DVDs. Why the turnaround, you ask? Well, I recently discovered that I can get Nova 100 on the stereo in the kitchen if I stick the aerial to the wall in a certain place (this all sounds ridiculous, I know, just skip on down to the song if you want!) with a lump of blu-tack. Happy days! I'm so sick of hearing the same crap over and over again on other radio stations, I've been turned off "We Found Love" due to a daily overdose of it on other stations. I've gone into fangirl mode again, I know, but words cannot describe how much I love this radio station. To the point where, as I mentioned on twitter during the week, if this station was a person I'd be madly in love with them. I love it THAT much.

It has also reminded me of something else - every Saturday night (or on the ones I've remembered) when I sit down to do my SNS, I always sit there thinking "will anybody like this? Is this popular? What if nobody likes it? What if people think I'm weird?" - you know what? If you like it, brilliant. If you don't, could you point me in the direction of something you like to listen to on a Saturday night, because I love finding new music and I'll listen to anything.

With the above in mind, here's my crack:

Have a great Saturday Night,

S xx


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