Saturday, November 26, 2011

OPI Giveaway Winner!!

Who knew that spending money on people you don't know could be so gratifying? This made me feel so good, I'm considering buying another 21 bottles for all the entrants. Well, okay, I thought for one second "aww, I wish I could give them all a prize!" and then remembered that I am not, in fact, minted. Sorry :(

But huge, huge thank you to all who took the time to enter and tweet - if you want to unfollow me on twitter now, feel free, I'm a bit sweary, I know. Anyway.... you're all here for one reason. To find out who has won this gorgeous beast of a polish:


The winner, as picked by, is.........

Congratulations, the nail polish gods are smiling on you! I expect an acceptance speech the minute it arrives (Joking. But only just...). 

I'll be in touch to get your details, congratulations!

I also want to thank everyone for having the patience to read my ramblings, for leaving lovely comments, and for all your good wishes over the past week - this blog, to me, is somewhere where I can really let rip and be myself, and that's not a side of myself I like to share with people I know in real life. I appreciate it every single time one of you reads it, and I'm very, very grateful. Thank you xxx

S xx


  1. YES!!!! Thank you so much! The Charlie Sheen Seal of Win and everything! *sniff sniff* I'd like to thank... well YOU, for writing a fabulous blog! I'm thrilled that you've been posting so much this month and I'm thoroughly enjoying the 31 Day Nail Polish Challenge - it's fantastic to read a blog that's so down-to-earth and no-nonsense when it comes to nail polish, and you've posted so many nail art looks that I'm dying to try out (and don't cost an arm, a leg, and a kidney or three).

    So in summary, you RULE, and thanks for the blogging :)

    (and the fabulous nail polish!)

  2. Aww shucks *blushes* thank you! I'm just delighted that there's somewhere that I can ramble on like a loon and people actually want to read it! Amazing! Congrats again, and thank you to everyone who entered, will have to think up another giveaway for New Year x


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