Saturday, November 12, 2011

I Have Issues.

I do. Firstly, I went shopping yesterday evening with my friend - we had such a laugh, you know those moods you get into when you just feel about 6 years old again? It was one of those situations. From me ending up doing involuntary flap-flaps in New Look because I couldn't decide on shoes, to her having a full-on Dawson Cry-Face meltdown from laughing at"interesting" moving Christmas decorations in Dunnes (check out the Santa stuck in the chimney, it's almost obscene), it was a good trip.

Penneys - I commend you on your shoes...

...but I don't know what kind of creatures you base your bra measurements on. Gok would calve if he saw what I ended up with yesterday. Two boobs are enough for any woman - I have no desire to look like I have four. And yes, I do know my correct size. Unlike yourselves.

While we were wandering around Dunnes, half afraid we'd be kicked out for messing with the toys, I spotted some nail polish (as usual). The conversation went like this:
Me: *Picking up a set of 3 nail polishes* "Ooh, look at these!"
Her: "Sharon! You don't need them!"
Me: "But they're only 4 euro!"
Her: "But you DON'T NEED THEM"
Me: "But I don't really NEED the majority of the stuff I buy."
Her: "You have those colours already. You must have."
Me: "Not the middle one."
Her: "You're a disaster."
Me: "Oh you're right, I don't need them." *puts them back.*

So, I didn't buy them.

Yeah right, I waited until she went into the Newsagents and legged it back into Dunnes to get them. Here they are:

'Twas the middle one wot done it. After nearly having a seizure over pictures of NARS Night Breed (below) and ordering it, then realising that I am not in fact minted, can not afford to spend almost €20 on one nail polish this side of Christmas, and cancelling the order, I've had an itch for something black and sparkly.

Unfortunately, those shop lights are very, very deceptive. The middle polish in the pack looked really dark and sparkly, but when I opened it, it has a distinct green tinge. Not exactly what I was after, but here's a swatch anyway:

Pretty, isn't it? It's the most unusual glitter polish I've seen in ages. It's made by Badgequo, who are responsible for a lot of those lower-priced gift sets available in Department stores - they also do Technic products. Look, it ain't the fanciest polish in the world, but it's nice. Especially when you put it over black.

Remind you of anything?

China Glaze: Haunting. Source:
The glitter in the China Glaze is a lot denser, but this cheap alternative satisfies me greatly, considering Haunting's been one of my lemmings since I first saw it and I had nothing quite like it in my stash. 

The other two polishes in the pack were a bit meh - the clear one was yet another thick, sparkly topcoat, no different to the 1,2385475835 other ones available. The blue one was nothing special either, unless you count the fact that the base polish is purple. Swatchies:

Did I need them? Nope. Were they worth it? Yup.

Have you picked up anything nice lately? 

Enjoy your Saturday,

S xx

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