Monday, November 14, 2011

Have Yourself a Savvy Little Christmas: Part 2, The Boys

Ahhhh how I love shopping for men. NOT. I never, ever know what to buy for men - the other half is easy to buy for, because he's the least fussy person in the world and appreciates practical things (last year I got him a new spirit level and an electric razor). It's the sister's boyfriend, the family friend, the brother-in-law - I have serious mental blocks when it comes to buying for them. So, to inspire myself (and you lot), here's part 2 of my bargainous online Christmas Gift Guide. Everything, again, is under €20* including delivery, and there isn't a sock, tie or can of Lynx in sight. (You can thank me in gift vouchers, cheers).

  1. Ben Sherman wallet, €19.57 (free delivery)
  2. Sony DJ headphones, €18.22 (free delivery)
  3. Steve Jobs by Walter Issacson, €16.50 (qualifies for free delivery)
  4. Guinness World Records 2012, €13.20 (qualifies for free delivery)
  5. Jack Black all-over wash, €13.99 (plus €3 delivery)
  6. Pac-Man heat changing mug, £5.99 (approx €6.99) (plus £3.95/€4.60 delivery)
  7. Mr. Happy 3-piece wash set, €8.19 (plus €5 delivery per order)
  8. Kangaroo Poo stripe scarf, €6.24 (plus €4.95 delivery per order)
  9. Golf DVD box set, €9.60 (free delivery)
  10. Emergency phone charger, €12.99 (plus €4.95 delivery per order)
  11. La Cucina oil and spice rack, €19.20 (free delivery)
  12. Table top football game, €18.00 (free delivery)

* All prices correct at time of publishing this post.

So, there you go. Hopefully, that's made things a little bit easier for those of you who also find it really hard to buy for men - I hope you got some new ideas! Let's try and keep this Christmas sock-free :)

Gift Guide Part 3 - Other Peoples Kids - coming soon!

S xx


  1. Great post!

    I am one of those low maintenance blokes and would be happy with any of those prezzies. Don't tell the girls though.

    When asked what I would like for Crimbo, I always answer "Ah, I don't mind" and then watch them stress out over whether the gift they get me is what I want (sorry girls, I have a warped sense of humour).

    In truth, us blokes would be happy with whatever their ladies buy them.

    By the way, they're great tips for the Chris Kindle/Kringle (or whatever it's called). Well done.

    Anyway, I can't wait to see my "socks & jocks" shaped prezzies to appear under the tree!

  2. My husband is such a tart unless he's getting CLinique smellies, he feels hard done by!!

    But he'd love the Pacman mug and the oil & spice rack I think. Useful post Sharon as wil definitely get the mug for the old boy!

  3. @Joe - I think there are a lot of younger kids or teens who have no idea what to buy their brothers/uncles/dads and that by keeping it under €20, it's more realistic - and definitely for a Chris Thingy :)

    @E - Hope he likes the mug! Haha mine would look at me crossways if I presented him with skincare, I really want that tabletop football thing (for me) :) I think this is more of a guide for people you don't really know all that well, like the distant male relations, the ones I dread buying for!

    S xx

  4. I never really buy for distant relatives, if they cant be bothereed to stay in contact they aint getting presents!! My husband is quite manly and it took me a while to get him onto having something for his dry winter skin, so got him clinique, and swears by the shave foam, it lasts forever too!

  5. Haha E I don't buy for distant ones either, but I do have a few extra men to buy for this year (a few close relations have gained partners in the last year!!) so I'll definitely be getting some of this stuff - you're lucky that your husband likes to take care of his skin, lots of men are still a bit weird when it comes to using products :)


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