Sunday, November 13, 2011

Have Yourself a Savvy Little Christmas: Part 1, The Girls

Today is November 13th. That means that there are only 42 more sleeps until Santa arrives, and I for one can not wait. I know that some people dread this time of year, but I love it - I love the dark evenings, I love the fairy lights, the scarves & gloves, the overdose of Fair Isle, the mince pies, the open fire, the hot chocolate - I love everything about Christmas.

What I don't love, is the expectation that everyone has to spend a ball of money to have a brilliant Christmas. Not so. I do an awful lot of my shopping online, and while some items may be more expensive than in-store, it eliminates one of my biggest problems - walking into a shop for one specific thing and coming out with seven things. So, in the spirit of convenience, I bring you part one of  my mini online Christmas gift guide. A couple of clicks, and all the shopping done. How good would that feel? It feels feckin' mighty, that's how. Here we go, ladies first. Oh - and at the time of publishing this, everything is under €20 INCLUDING delivery (okay, I went 94cent over on one thing, but hey, I'm only human). I've tried to cater for all kinds of people here, but y'know, you can't please everyone.

  1. Models Own Beetle Juice Nail Polish Trio, €13.05
  2. Benefit Tan About Town Gift Set, €11.74
  3. Soap & Glory Soaper Heroes Travel Gift Box, €16.05
  4. Gorgeous to Go, by Aisling McDermott, €12.99
  5. O.P.I Muppets Minis Collection, €14.50
  6. Sleek Brow Kit, €9.10
  7. Yankee Christmas Tumbler Twin Set, €16.95
  8. Patricia Cornwell: Red Mist, €12.52
  9. H! by Henry Holland Pink Tartan Ear Muffs, €16.80
  10. Butterfly by Matthew Williamson Skull Ring, €9.60
  11. Red Herring Grey Snake Print Evening Bag, €14.40
  12. Rocha by John Rocha Grey Faux Fur Cuff Slipper Boots, €18.00

Delivery Costs: ASOS and Debenhams have free delivery on all orders. Eason have free delivery on all orders over €10. Cloud 10 charge just €3 for orders under €50 (and have the fastest shipping known to man), while Beauty Emporium charge €2 for orders under €50. Yankee charge €3.99 on orders under €45.

Spot anything you like? Will you be doing any of your shopping online this year?

S xx


  1. Haha I spot loads I like! I always probably do about 50/50 between online and in-store christmas. On-line for things that little bit different and stuff I can't get locally but I just love going into town to go present shopping, I think it's the tradition of it! But I always end up deviating from the list....that can also happen on-line for me too though:p xx

  2. Love that skull ring! But, um, for me. Ok, back to the gift buying!

  3. @fluff - I love the ring too! @sunshine, I ALWAYS end up going into town and buying 'one or two little things' for myself, I love walking through town on Christmas Eve but I'm staying away from ALL shops that sell make-up, books, and/or jewelry because I know I'll end up caving!

    S xxx


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