Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Chanel No.5 - Are you serious?!

I mentioned on twitter today that I've managed to get to the grand ol' age of 28 without ever having a sniff of Chanel No.5. Well, I checked that off the list this morning, when I saw a Chanel display in the local chemist (who have really upped their game, stocking O.P.I, Nubar, GOSH, Catrice, Essence, Maybelline, Rimmel, NYC, Isa Dora, Burt's Bees - nice work lads). The only way I can explain this experience is with pictures.

When I heard Chanel No.5 mentioned, before I got a whiff of it, this is what I thought of:

When I smelled it, this is what I thought of:

No offence to anybody who loves the stuff, but sweet jesus.... I definitely DON'T love the stuff. Apparently, Coco Chanel said of the fragrance upon its creation almost 90 years ago, "Yes, this is what I was waiting for. A woman's perfume, with the scent of a woman". I agree wholeheartedly. It does indeed smell like a 90-year old woman. Almost 10 hours later, and I can still smell it.

What's your opinion on the world's most iconic perfume?

S xx


  1. You've made me want to buy a bottle of Eau de Cologne now :)

  2. 4711!!! I could NOT remember the name of that stuff when I wrote this post, but yes, my Nana had a bottle of that too. You definitely know your old lady smells ;-)

  3. Opium is another old lady smell. When you think about it, it's amazing that fragrances are as fickle as fashion.

  4. The Hubs came back with a bottle of this from Amerikay for me. I use it extremely sparingly and then its not so bad. But it can be head-ache inducing....

  5. Isn't it just, Gammagoblin - the double standards are amazing! Girl, I'd imagine it wouldn't be that bad if you liked the smell and used it sparingly, I sprayed an awful amount of it on myself - just found it so, so strong and overpowering! I'll have to keep searching for my HG perfume :)

  6. Well, now, I'm happy to read this post...all the more Chanel No 5 for moi!

  7. We used to call it our 'Nanny's Bingo perfume' because she'd always wear it on Sunday nights going to Bingo....obviously.

    As a bloke...ahem. I have to say the perfume women wear is hugely important to us. But you probably all know that. ;o)

  8. Fluffy, you're welcome to it :) Haha Joe, the smell definitely conjures up images of Bingo! Oh I'm well aware of the importance of female fragrances to the men of the households, considering mine once asked me what perfume I had on when I was after cleaning the kitchen with Dettol spray...;-)

    Ah I don't know lads, I think everyone's sense of smell is totally different, and I know that perfumes can smell different on people. All the better, I have an excuse to keep spraying testers all over myself in the hunt for the perfect one!

  9. I was equally disappointed a couple of years ago when i first tried it. Every year i test it again in the shop, secretly hoping that my taste matured :D. Have a huge bottle of No5 Eau Premiere still unopened sigh...


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