Tuesday, November 15, 2011

31 Day Nail Polish Challenge: Day 8

Hey guys, today's Day 8 of the challenge - and the brief (brief, d'ya hear me, you'd swear I was on The Apprentice) called for Metallic nails, so here we go.

I sat for about a half an hour today trying to come up with something, and in the end I just ended up picking out four polishes (and looking at them for ages trying to decide what the heck to come up with).

L-R: Chanel Graphite (won in a giveaway hosted by the lovely Cherry Sue a while back); Barry M Nail Paint Instant Effects in Silver Foil, and two Essence polishes from the Metallics Trend Edition last year - Metal Battle and Copper Rulez (AKA the crap magnetic ones).

Being honest, I've found this the most difficult challenge so far. I didn't want to just paint my nails with one colour, I wanted to do something really metallic and shiny that stands out, so I decided to give the Essence Metallics one another bash, considering it's one I've never really used properly before.

When the Essence Metallics collection came out last year, nobody was overly impressed - the general consensus was that the magnetic polishes from the collection didn't work. Well, people, if you have some lying around, then now is the time to dig it out - magnetics are huge at the minute, and they're a really unique polish look. Now, before you start to think "but those Essence polishes are crap..." - throw away the stupid magnet that came with the polish, and go to your fridge. Get the biggest, strongest magnet on there, and lo and behold, you're an instant on-trend trendster. Here you go:

I LOVED this effect. I wasn't gone on the whole magnetic/metallic trend after seeing various swatches on different sites, but in reality the polish is really shiny and metallic. It's fab. Here's the flash comparison, you can see from the inside (left) shot how metallic the stuff really is:

I think it's brilliant, even if does remind me of a Racoon tail. You can get magnetic nail polishes from lots of different brands at the minute, but I know for certain that BOOTS 17  and NAILS INC have some available  right now. Much like the crackle polish, I'd expect to see everyone and their mother releasing a magnetic polish in the not-so-distant future.

See you tomorrow for Rainbows!

S xx


  1. Absolutely gorgeous nail polish! :)

  2. This looks deadly! Can't wait to try out a magnetic polish, like it so much better than the shatter trend!

  3. Thanks ladies, SR I prefer it to shatter too, I'm so sick of shatter polishes and with the magnetic ones you can get a different result every time you use them! Must get some more :)


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