Sunday, November 13, 2011

31 Day Nail Polish Challenge: Day 6

I genuinely can not believe that I'm almost a week into this challenge. Time's flying! This is the last day of "normal", one-colour nails. From here on in, it's getting mucky and complicated, lads. I'm really looking forward to trying some nail art - I'm not great at it, but who knows - by the end of this challenge I'll have a lot of practice. Today, it's violet.

Violet to me just means purple - so I picked two purple polishes for this one - Catrice Plum Play With Me and China Glaze Senorita Bonita.

Now, bear with me here for a second, because I want to explain something - I know that I use a lot of Catrice and Essence in my nail posts, but that's just because I happen to own a lot of them. This challenge, to me, is about working my way through stuff I already have. I also know that some people can't get their hands on these brands, and I don't mean to annoy anyone by using stuff that's not more easily available. I'm just using these as a guide, you use whatever's available to you in the unlikely event that anyone would want to copy my nails! If you're after a plum polish, and you can't get Catrice, then check these out:

L-R: Barry M: Bright Purple,  O.P.I - Louvre Me, Louvre Me Not,
Essence - Meet Me Now, and Models Own - Turkish Delight.
So, bearing in mind that the next few weeks are going to call for a serious creativity overload, I kept this one simple with  two coats of the Catrice, and a coat of China Glaze over the Plum on my ring finger.

Outside, natural sunlight.
And the flash comparison:
L - Inside, with flash. R - Outside, without flash.
Stay tuned for black and white tomorrow :)

S xx


  1. i have the catrice one. it didnt come out as nice on my nails! it looked so dark. i'll try it again though just in case i was seeing things :P

  2. Gorgeous colours, absolutely love the china glaze one! Can't wait for your first nail design:D xx

  3. Musical.x Did you get your bottle recently? It could be a different shade even if it has the same name, I know that some Essence polishes have the same name but are completely different colours.

    Cheers Sunshine Rose, I need a lot of practice with my nail designs, but so looking forward to getting to the exciting ones!!

    S xxx


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