Thursday, November 10, 2011

31 Day Nail Polish Challenge: Day 3

I've made it to Day 3!!! Today's theme is Yellow. Can I just state, for the record, I HATE YELLOW NAIL POLISH. WITH A PASSION. I've no idea how or why I ended up with this in my stash - I don't even remember buying it. I do remember buying a Rimmel one and pawning it off on my sister, who has a more sallow skintone (it looked deadly on her). On me... nah. However, a challenge is a challenge, and so I give to you, Essence Sundancer.

Inside, with flash
I hate this so much I'm not even doing it on both hands - it took FOUR coats to give decent coverage, and it's still not fully opaque. I forgot to take outside images of this one, but I did whack a matte top coate over the top to see if it made a difference - I actually think I prefer it as a matte polish, but it's still not one I'd wear every day:

Inside, with flash
Thankfully, I think it got the chop too in the recent Essence polish cull, being replaced with the much more Chanel-inspired, human-friendly shade 'Mellow Yellow', below:

Mellow Yellow is worth seeking out if you're looking for a nice pastel colour for next Spring ( I know, I know, let's get over Christmas first, right?) - Spring 2012 is going to be a varied season for nails, with both classic reds AND pastels being talked about. Snap this baby up if you want to be ahead of the game - or, if like me, yellow polish instantly makes you think of someone chain-smoking Major cigarettes, then maybe snap up a rose pink instead.

Why isn't there a pink day on this challenge! I'll have to incorporate that into one of the pattern days - which, incidentally, start in 4 days time, with black and white - I can not wait to start sinking my teeth into this challenge properly.

See you tomorrow for the green challenge!

S xx


  1. I have that polish and find it quite goopy but I am loving that matte look! I might have to invest in a matte top coat =)

  2. I hate 4 coat polish! they should be able to mae 2 coat polishes now with all their expertise :P it is a pretty cool yellow though!

  3. I have only one yellow an old Boots 17 effort and its a bugger to put on. Yellow looks generally hideous on me unless very very plae so might seek out the Essence one. where did you get it from Sharon? x

  4. Bahahaha I love the way you kept us well-informed of your hatred of yellow varnish:D I have to admit though, I actually love that shade! x

  5. @Neise - I find that some Essence polishes go really thick after a while, I actually really prefer it matte too! I don't know if the Essence matte topcoat is still available but I think Rimmel do one :)
    @Musical.x - I know, right? It's amazing, it honestly took 4 thick coats before I stopped seeing my nail underneath.
    @Fab Fingertips - I got it in a local pharmacy here, but I know that most branches of Penneys (Primark) stock Essence over here. Yellow just doesn't suit me, not this bright anyway!
    @Sunshine Rose - Haha do you think I got my hatred across? :-) The colour itself is really nice and bright, but it just doesn't work for me! That Rimmel one I gave to my sister was a similar colour though, and it was fantastic on her, I think yellow just doesn't suit some skintones!

    S x

  6. lol I had no idea nail polish came in yellow.... It just goes to show how many women wear it... I would have noticed it otherwise :o)

  7. Point proven, Alex, it's rotten therefore people should not wear it :) Nice to see you back!


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