Wednesday, November 30, 2011

31 Day Nail Polish Challenge: Day 22: Song!

I'm not around tomorrow, so here you go, a day early!

I was really, really looking forward to doing this once I had picked a song. Picking the song however, proved nigh on impossible, because I could think of so many songs I'd love to do a nail look for - I'm seriously thinking of making this a permanent fixture on this blog, maybe one song-inspired manicure a week, what do you guys think?

I let the shuffle do the work, and it threw up Def Leppard - Animal (which was also my 4th SNS pick a few months ago). Firstly, here's the video:

I decided that while it'd be very easy to just do an animal print mani, I've done that before and I really want these "inspired by" days to challenge me. I decided to have a think about the lyrics, and here's what I came up with:

I have a couple of things to explain: Firstly, I had NO natural light when I took these pictures, apologies for the darkness. I put a layer of Insta-Dri over the top of them this morning (before I got a chance to picture it in daylight) and it completely decimated all my nail art - I won't be doing that again. I will also fill you in on the blank thumb. Here's an explanation for each nail:

Index Finger: Fire (Inspired by the lyric "like a fire needs flame")

Middle Finger: Wolf (Inspired by the lyric "I cry wolf")

Ring Finger: Zebra print (Inspired by the zebra in the video)

Little Finger: (Slightly dodgy looking) Witch flying across full moon (Inspired by the lyric "In the witching hour")

Thumb: Left black (Inspired by the fact that the circus is actually a very, very dark and scary place). Okay, okay, I forgot to do my thumb - I was going to paint red and white stripes on it to represent a circus tent, but I completely forgot, and by the time I remembered it was after 11pm and I had a polish-induced headache. Please forgive me just this once? I promise I'll never neglect my thumb again ;-)

So, there you have it. LOVED this challenge, and can't wait for tomorrow's one. Which I can't remember, because I STILL haven't written them down. What do you think of this mani? I'm in love with my little wolf (which the Insta-Dri just completely wiped).

Until tomorrow,

S xx


  1. I just wanted to say, I've been loving these posts and really enjoy when a new one pops up in my reader. I'm envious because I don't have enough patience or artistic talent to do nail art and would fail pretty miserably!!!

  2. Gorgeous, can we have a tut on the wolf please?

  3. @Nailish Ramblings that's such a lovely thing to say, thank you! I'm really enjoying doing them, really enjoyed trying some art after years of not doing any :)

    @Stitchinwitch - I've never done a tutorial of any kind, but of course I'll do one - it'll be a picture one, though - I'll get one up as soon as I have a few spare minutes to do it!

    S x

  4. nice =)

  5. Wow those are fantastic, hun! Really really artistic!:D x

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