Wednesday, November 9, 2011

31 Day Nail Polish Challenge: Day 2

Hey people, so we're on Day 2 of the 31-Day challenge, and today's theme is Orange. Considering this is the only orange polish I own, it wasn't too much of a dilemma. Sadly, all you Essence fans are probably aware that the XXXL Multi-Dimension polishes have all been axed (how could you, Essence?!) but after having a quick look on their WEBSITE, if you're after a bright orange shade similar to this, they have one in the Colour & Go range (the wee €1.29 ones) called 'Wake Up' - image below.

The one I have is called "Watch Out", and here it is:

Outside, without flash
I'm not mental about this polish, to be honest. I only got it a while ago when I saw it in a bargain bin and thought it'd be handy for Halloween looks - this was two coats and it was still quite see through, you can see the nail line underneath (well I can). 
L - Outside, no flash. R - Inside, with flash.
Outside, it looks more like a creme polish - but inside, with the flash, you can see that this is yet another polish with a strong gold shimmer to it. I like the stronger shade that comes up with the flash - sadly, as you can see from the outside picture, it's a bit bland in everyday non-flashy situations (technical term). I think I'll be keeping this polish for nail art, it's not one I'd wear all over again!

Tomorrow, it's yellow nails - I'm not entirely sure whether or not I have a yellow nail polish, but I'll have a look and see what I can find. 

Thanks for reading!

S xx

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