Saturday, November 26, 2011

31 Day Nail Polish Challenge: Day 17

I love glitter, I really do. I love glitter shoes, glitter tops, glitter bags, glitter socks, glitter eyeshadow, glitter anything - but I HATE the fallout. With nail polish, unless you're using nail glitters, then the fallout is minimal (if any) - it's the removal process that inspires me to curse like never before. If you're the same, then stay tuned, because I may have found something you might be interested in.

For this, I used Models Own Magenta Devine, which is an amazing colour. What isn't amazing though, is this list of ingredients found on the Models Own site. Come on lads, isn't it time to change the formula? 

Anyway, here's the polish. Actually, does anyone else agree that you can nearly tell immediately which polishes aren't 3-free just from the smell? This one always makes me dizzy, it's got such a strong overwhelming chemical smell.

Here's an inside one, alongside my favourite bag - (it used to be the Mammy's going-out bag in the '70s):

The top picture is a fairly accurate representation of the colour IRL - it's a little more pink, but you can see that side of it in the indoor picture. Of course, I decided that this wasn't glittery enough, so slapped on a coat of a W7 gold glitter on top of it. 

Ahhhhhhh... that's better! But.... *gasp*....what now. How do I get it off? The last time I wore this Models Own polish was the first and only time - it was absolute murder to remove. It left stains and glitter everywhere, and I used a half bottle of nail polish remover and far too many cotton pads, buds, and bits of tin foil (the tin foil method might be effective, but I just don't have the patience for it). This time? I used one little pad, for all of about ten seconds, gave my nails a good scrub with it, and tah-da!! Behold the thumb (bearing in mind that this was covered in  4 coats of the Models Own and 1 of the W7, all dry):

The secret weapon? These babies:

One pad per nail, (a pot of 15 cost me €2.29) and the little bit of residue left over washed off under the tap. AND, they didn't leave my nails all dry or feeling yucky afterwards like some other pads. Hallelujah!!! Thank you Boots!!! Trust me - grab a pot of these and have them in your stash if you plan on wearing glitter polish over Christmas, I had all five nails clean before Jon Bon Jovi got to the second verse of 'Livin' on a Prayer'. Amazeballs.

See ye tomorrow, for *runs to check again, remind self to write these challenges down properly, tis getting ridiculous* Half Moons? Okay then.....

S xx


  1. The boots acetone free nail polish remover is great too, I use that and Sally Hansen strengthening remover. Your posts always make me smile Sharon,you have a great sense of humour! xx

  2. excellent! deffo going to try out those nail polish pads, I adore glitter polishes but removing them is agony.

  3. Thanks so much Esther, it gives me lots of warm and fuzzies to know that people enjoy what I write :) I must pick up a bottle of the remover too - Clementinesdoll these pads are the best I've come across, they don't dry your nails out either! Official HG product :)

    S xx


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