Friday, November 25, 2011

31 Day Nail Polish Challenge: Day 16

Today is tribal day - one I wasn't looking forward to, because I knew it would call for me to do some kind of freehand drawing on my nails, and as we are all well aware at this stage, that ain't my strong point.

After looking around for a bit of inspiration, I came across a cross-stitch book that I picked up a few years ago. I've made a few bookmarks from it before, and I love the colours. This is the book:

That counts as tribal, right? I hope so! Anyway, I picked a few polishes that I thought would go well together, and my Essence nail tip painter (a godsend), which is meant for french manicures, but seeing as I despise french manicures, I use it for nail art. I really have to pick up some more nail art pens in other colours, any recommendations? Here are the polishes:

L-R: Essence XXXL Multi Dimension in 'Spicy', Catrice LE in 'Miracle Heaven', Barry M 'Raspberry', Catrice LE in 'Spiced Bronze', Essence 'Sundancer' and the Essence pen. Here's the look I came up with:

Smudged thumb cleverly (ahem) disguised with the URL there or what.... My lines are still dodgy, but I really like how this turned out, I wasn't expecting it to turn out remotely well. It actually looks a lot better in real life, dang that camera, it picks up every wobble. Here's an inside/outside comparison shot:

And an attempt at a very tribal arty-type thing with a rock:

I like it, wobbly lines and all. Tomorrow, it's *goes to check* oh no. Glitter. The thoughts of having to take it off.........

Until tomorrow!

S xx


  1. Clever girl. I dread to think of undertaking this challenge myself. I lack the creative gene...

  2. Thank you! I dreaded half these challenges but it really got the brain working, I'm sure you'd do great at this too, you never know until you try x

  3. Freaking awesome I wish I had as much precision as you!

  4. Ah jaysus, me - the queen of the wobbles!!! I don't draw lines at all (because I can't), I find it a lot easier to just do lots of tiny dots in line-formations (if that makes ANY sense?!) S x


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