Sunday, November 20, 2011

31 Day Nail Polish Challenge: Day 13

Animal print! I'm cheating. This is a scheduled post, because if things go to plan, I am currently relaxing after our party last night. Or, if things went REALLY well, I'm not finished partying yet :)

A while back, I did a post for a little girl who loves nail polish, you can read it HERE, and here's the look I came up with for that:

Seeing as I had a party last night and I really, really wanted to wear my new glitter polish but really, really didn't want to have to take it off the very next day, I planned ahead and turned this multicoloured polka dot mani into an animal print one. Hope this qualifies!

This was my first time trying leopard print, and I'd definitely do it again, I really like the effect.

Polishes used for this look were Essence Sundancer (yellow), Essence Underwater (blue) and Glo Baby Glo pink (from Penneys/Primark).

Until tomorrow peeps,

S xx


  1. I really like the amimal print in the non tradtional colours. It makes it really pop.

  2. You did a great job in changing it to the animal print mani! I love when you can change it to something different without having to go to the effort of taking all the varnish off and starting over! x

  3. that is it really funky..

    would love mine like that...hmm must try..

    love the blog xxx

  4. Thanks girls, this one was fun to do and you're right Sunshine Rose, it's so handy when you can just change one into the other one! Loving this challenge but some days I just can't face redoing the whole lot! x


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