Wednesday, October 5, 2011

What I Did This Week: Polish, Sew, Embarrass Myself.

Hello! IT'S HALLOWEEN MONTH!!! Apart from getting uber-excited about Halloween (it's October now, we're allowed to say it), this week I have mostly been playing with nail polish and sewing. This started with the nail wraps that came from this seller on eBay, which I'll show you a picture of now. I've never used these before, and I don't know what I was expecting, but in hindsight I wouldn't put them on all 10 nails (overkill central). Here are the ones I got:

Blah. They weren't on five minutes until they started peeling, and once I saw them starting to peel I had them picked off within an hour of putting them on. Very poor sticking power (nails were clean and buffed before application) and couldn't use a topcoat. Poor! I do like the pattern, but maybe just on an accent nail if I ever bother to get these or similar again. I'm a picker, it's too tempting!

The next design I attempted was a plaid/striped thing - I can't draw a straight line to save myself, so needless to say I didn't sport this look for long. I do like the colours though, so I may try this again some day when I've the patience to wait for the base to dry long enough to use tape to make straight lines.

Next, I tried a graduated-glitter combo, using three shades of purple and a blue glitter topcoat. I do like the way this one turned out, so I think I'll do it again this weekend.

I did a blue version of this too, here it is: 

After reading this post on, I whipped out my Essence matte topcoat and did this:

Apart from fluting around with nail polish, this week I also started on my *gasp* Christmas cards - they're all hand-stitched so I have to start early, so that I can tailor every card to the individual person. I did a lot of sewing this week - also did this as a card topper for my Sister, who moved out of home for the first time:

Finally, today, I was practising my makeup for Halloween - I have nothing specific in mind, but I know that I want to be blue. I don't know why, I just do. I was looking for blue inspiration and remembered two of the lead characters from two of my favourite stop-motion animated movies, The Corpse Bride and The Nightmare Before Christmas. So there I was this morning, make-up all over the place, trying to make a blue foundation from some pale foundation and blue eyeshadow, drawing random eye lines to see how it looked, and what happens? Knock at the door. I had a little peek outside and it was a courier, with a car part for himself. Dilemma!! Do I answer the door with a blue face, or do I pretend I'm not in. If I pretend I'm not in, himself won't get his stuff. If I answer the door, courier will laugh. What did I do? I bit the bullet and answered the door. With this face.

He didn't laugh. He didn't say ANYTHING. His facial expression didn't change. He just acted as if it was the most normal thing in the world, handed me the package, asked for a signature on the little electronic thingamibob, and then left. Which makes me think he's either a fellow Halloween freak, or he's seen FAR stranger things in his time than a blue person answering the door.

What have you guys done this week so far? Anything interesting? Anyone excited for Halloween?

S xxx


  1. Love the stripes, I use that medical tape you get in first aid kits as it's not so sticky! As for the delivery man, I'd say he's seen far stranger things! (not from my house I hasten to add!)

  2. YAY! for Halloween, I love it.

    Loving the nails but especially the purple and blue glitter combo.

    As for the delivery guy, I'd say he's used to people answering the door in the middle of all sorts so I'm sure he's seen worse. He might've had a little giggle when he made it back to the van though, hehe.

  3. @FF Brilliant tip about the medical tape!!! I've been using masking tape and it's far too sticky. Must try that!

    @CFG I'd say he did have a laugh - fair play to him for keeping a straight face, he definitely must come across some strange sights :)

    Thanks for reading & commenting guys :) xx

  4. That's hilarious about the courier guy, how he managed to keep a straight face and not even make a comment is beyond me. Love the look though! And those glitter graduated nails are amazeballs.

  5. Haha Emma my face was BURNING underneath the blue, I'd say he got a fierce laugh out of it afterwards!! Cheers for your comment missus, have loads of other colour combos to try with those graduated nails so shall be experimenting with more :) Thanks for reading & commenting! xx

  6. Brilliant .. I shall call you smurfette

  7. Okay, the gender balance here is a bit say the least.

    Suffice to say, your Nth County Dublin fan club is well impressed with the nail art. Well done. Youngest princess keeps hounding me to look through your blog in the hope of finding more tips! :0)

  8. Hahaha Mags, love it! Maybe I should get myself a wig and go as Smurfette for Halloween :) Haha Joe she has great taste!
    Thanks for reading & commenting guys, muchos appreciated x


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