Saturday, October 15, 2011

Saturday Night Song #9

Tonights SNS is Thunder by East 17.

Ahh, East 17. I loved them. I loved Brian and Terry's funny gnome hats and the way their trousers looked like full nappies. I wasn't much of a Take That fan - I liked them, but I didn't get the whole fuss surrounding them - I remember the first book fair at school after their split, and in particular, two girls ripping pieces out of each other to get the last TT notebook and pencil set. I thought they were MENTAL. Thunder was my favourite East 17 song (well, maybe second favourite, after Steam, but I hadn't heard this in ages). This was released in 1995, the year I left Primary School. Sob.

I adored East 17. They were (to me, who was about 11 or 12) like the really cool bad-ass anti-Take That. Which is ironic, considering one of their biggest hits is a mushy love song that has appeared on every Christmas compilation CD. I haven't listened to Thunder in years, and as it's playing while I'm writing this, I find the lyrics SO cringey. "I called you on the phone, you said you're happy on your own" - jaysus.

East 17 split up and reformed a couple of times, some band members had - eh - "issues" (I'm looking at you, Brian), and to be honest I lost track of them. You can read what happened to East 17 at the very credible and always reliable (snort) Wikipedia page for the band HERE. There was word of a comeback - Brian was replaced with a new vocalist, but he left too. So will there be a new East 17 album? I don't know. Do we need one? I say go buy Around The World: The Journey So Far (which is actually still a pretty good Greatest Hits CD) and relive the tracks that made East 17 one of the most popular acts of the 90s. Now, someone bring me a copy of Smash Hits, a bottle of Cavan Cola, and a Desperate Dan bar. Pronto.

Enjoy your Saturday Night,

S xxx


  1. Thanks for the trip down memory lane! I could never take East 17 seriously after that terribly cheesy Christmas video for Stay Another Day...!

  2. It was desperate cheese, wasn't it!! Can't believe they are still going, (minus Brian), used to have this song on tape and play it over and over - cringe!!! x


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