Sunday, October 2, 2011

Essence Review.

Afternoon, folks. As I mentioned back in THIS POST, I'm not about to start posting daily make-up reviews or pictures, but when something catches my eye I like to show other people what it's like before they spend their money on it. I know that sometimes people freak at the thought of a foundation for under 4 yoyos, but rest assured, it's not that bad.

Essence cosmetics are fast becoming favourites of mine - along with their big sister Catrice, they make sure that we can have up-to-date trends without spending a fortune. Their stands are amazing - like little multicoloured caves full of nice bright shiny things. Where I live, Essence is available in both Dunnes and independent Chemists (but strangely, not in either of my nearest Penneys branches, which is where it's usually found). The other evening, I threw a few bits into the trolley when I was in Dunnes. I thought I'd do a wee review because the stuff really, really impressed me.

Here's what I picked up:

Essence Clear & Matt oil-free foundation in 02: Honey; Essence I Love Extreme mascara in 01, and Essence Colour & Go nail polish in Blue Addicted (infamous Deborah Lippmann dupe). I lost the receipt, but it was definitely less than a tenner for all three items.

First, the mascara - the brush is HUGE.

I do like a big brush (minds out of the gutter, cheers), but this one was almost intimidating! Still, I went for it and here's the before/after pic, top picture is no mascara and bottom one is two coats of this.

For that effect after two coats, I'm willing to put up with the uber-large brush. I love this mascara, it's not clumpy and I can't even feel it on my lashes, as opposed to the over-hyped Rimmel Day2Night, which clumps like bejaysus. If bejaysus clumped. Check it out from the side, my lashes looked so much longer. Will most definitely be repurchasing! This was around €3 or €4.

The next thing I wanted to show you was the Blue Addicted polish - I used China Glaze Calypso Blue as a base, because I really didn't have the time or the patience to see if this could build up to decent coverage after a few coats. This is Calypso Blue with two coats of Blue Addicted:

€1.29, ladies (and gentlespoons). One-flippin'-twenty-nine. Will be going back for another one of these too, there was only one bottle left on the stand the other night, and at that price, ye can see why. To my eyes, there's feck all of a difference between this and the extra-pricey Deborah Lippmann Across the Universe, see below:


And finally, the foundation. I grabbed it because I'm down to the wire with my expensive foundation and I hate wasting it on every day school/shop runs, and if I don't have something on my face I feel naked and freckly. This was less than €4, and here's a photo of it on. Excuse the hair, it has a mind of its own.

Decent enough coverage, and feels lightweight, for a few euro it's not completely rotten - and at least I can hold on to my good stuff a little bit longer! In fairness, I wouldn't reach for it on a night out or an important day out, that picture was only a few hours ago and it's wearing off already. Also, considering that this wasn't the palest shade available, I think it's quite pale. Although, not as pale as whatever the HELL I was wearing on my face in the below picture. Ah, teen phases - love 'em!

S xx


  1. I'm so buying that Blue Addicted tomorrow, it looks great and I've lots of navys and blues that I could wear it over.

    Love the goth photo, sure who, during their teens, hasn't made themselves up to look like a bag of flour exploded on their face, hehe. I know I definitely did.

  2. The polish is gorgeous, I've it on since Friday - probably the longest time I've left one polish on! Haha Paula that was around the same time as my Debs, I do cringe looking back but sure like you said, we all had the flour phase :) Thanks for commenting! x

  3. I love the polish! You look so young missus about 12 actually and I know you're older than that. Totally jealous of your youthful appearance!

  4. Haha NR I am *slightly* older than that! I'm always really envious of all the glamourous looking girlies in their late 20s, I'm still waiting to be able to pull off grown-up clothes :D The polish is fab, such a bargain too! Thanks a mill for reading & commenting xx

  5. This is freaky... I picked up that polish today too! I picked up the gold one as well.

  6. @GWTSE It's yummmmmy, *scratches chin whiskers* Gold, you say?

  7. I've read 2 reviews on that nail polish today! Will definitely be on the lookout for it tomorrow!!

  8. Hope you managed to find it, Jacinta, it's so nice! Thanks for reading & commenting x

  9. Hi, glad to hear you liked my hangover post, hope you get some use out of it :) Im actually wearing Blue Addicted on my nails right now, how weird? Gotta love em teen phases, eh? X

  10. Definitely got some use out of it!!!! Haha teen photos are funny to look back on, thought I knew it all :)xx


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