Thursday, October 20, 2011

Countdown to Halloween #11: Snack Time!

If you're having a Halloween party, or a horror themed party at any other time of the year (not that I'm interested in any other time of the year for the duration of October - Halloween's where it's AT), then I thought I'd compile a few of the best, easiest, and most effective recipies and snack ideas that I've come across on this here interwebs. Little ones would LOVE these, almost as much as I do. I'm gonna go through 5 of them with you, and I'll credit all ideas as I go along. Click the pictures to go to the original source. Enjoy!

1. Ghost Sticks

This is an idea from, and here's how to do it: Melt some white chocolate. Dip a pretzel stick into the melted chocolate, and pop them standing up in a glass to cool without being flattened. While the chocolate's still soft, add two chocolate sprinkles for eyes and a chocolate chip for a mouth (Or you could just use tiny chocolate shavings). Easy peasy and super effective!

2. Witches Finger Cookies

I think these are ADORABLE!! they look so disgusting and ancient!! I've never been able to look at almonds in the same way since I saw them being used as fingernails in recipes. The recipe for the fingers is a little longer than the first one, and you can find all the details right here at Love them!

3. Monster Cupcakes

This idea came from and it's so simple - get a mini muffin or cupcake, pipe some icing over the top of it, add two monkey nut shells for feet, licorice for antennae, and two little sweets for the eyes. This would be a really fun one to do with the little ones - you could add food colouring to different batches of icing, and they'd have great fun giving the monster hair. So cute!

4. Apple Bites

Halloween can be hell on the teeth - and this is a really fun way to get a bit of fruit into the proceedings. Super easy and super effective, all you have to do is quarter an apple, cut a section out of it, and stuff with almonds for the teeth. Takes all of about 60 seconds to make, and they look fantastic!! If you're not serving them right away, brush them with a little bit of lemon juice to stop them from turning brown. Although, brown-ness could add to the whole ick factor, so it's up to yourself! Original idea found on

5. Monster Toes

These look more like severed fingers to me, but I suppose you could class them as monster toes. To make these, cut a little wedge into the end of cocktail sausages to make a toenail. Cut a tortilla wrap into strips. Dampen the strips and heat in the microwave between two pieces of kitchen roll for about 15 seconds, then roll each sausage in a tortilla strip and secure them with a cocktail stick. Bake in the oven on a medium-high heat for 7-8 minutes, then fill the toenail gap with mustard or ketchup. That picture looks very much like melted cheese to me, so if you're going to do that, I'd probably add a wee bit of a cheese single before I put them into the oven. Remove the cocktail sticks, and eat! Original recipe found on

So, there you have it. 5 easy ideas for super-Halloweeny snacks, and a great alternative to the tooth-rotting plates of sweets, jellies and lollipops. Go on, try some!

S xx


  1. Wonderful suggestions, they make me sad I'll be away this Halloween and can't throw a party!

  2. Those finger cookies! they need a bit of nail polish on them!!! xxx

  3. Hahaha LOVE these.

    Those witches fingers are a'scustin!!

    Have always wanted to throw a Halloween party, never done it though, yet :)

  4. @Emma I won't be having one either, spending the weekend at Mum's - which is lovely too, but I really want a party!!!

    @Fab - Haha they definitely do, a bit of glitter would go down well :)

    @Sue - Aren't they rotten?!!! So simple and so yuck, little boys would LOVE them!!

    My sister & I used to have really gross Halloween parties, just us and our mum - will put up a few pics before Halloween (if my sis doesn't kill me haha) Thanks for reading guys xxx


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