Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Nail Art: Autumn Leaves

Today I'm doing a nail art post, so please vacate the premises if you have no interest in it. I'm just warning you, because I've been told on more than one occasion that sometimes my blog is a little bit... girly! Shocking! This is one of those occasions.

Last week, I ordered a set of nail art brushes on eBay from China - they arrived today, and though they may not be top-quality merchandise, they're ideal for what I wanted. I got these, from THIS SELLER, for the grand total of €1.52 (free postage). The seller is having a sale at the minute, and it ends in 2 days, so move fast if you want to pick these babies up for that bargalicious price.

***click on the pictures for larger views***

The next step was to choose a design - thanks to the lovely  Lil on twitter, I settled for an Autumn/Fall design involving leaves. Once I had a vague idea of what design I wanted, I had to choose the colours from my stash. I'll throw in a messy pic of my stash (and my favourite Father Ted mug), because I know that nail polish peeps love to see polish collections.

The colours I chose for this particular... thing were these ones, names to follow:

L-R: Catrice "Lost in Mud", Chanel Graphite (from the giveaway I won on the lovely Cherry Sue's blog), Essence Multi Dimension "Spicy", Catrice no name, Catrice "Spiced Bronze", Catrice "Enter the Undergrowth" and Essence Metallics "Copper Rulez". I know that a few of these are limited edition, and it really annoys me when people do tutorials or swatches of limited edition stuff, but honestly you can use any copper/brown/orange/gold/green colours that you have. This is what I had, you use whatever you have! I used the Essence "Spicy" for the base coat.

It's a lovely polish on it's own - reminds me of melted galaxy bars. Galaxy....mmmmmm...........*ahem*. BUT. I don't know if it's the polish in general or just the bottle I got - but this was the runniest polish in the history of polishes. It turned out lovely in the end, but it was an effort to stop it from runnning off the brush. I've never had a problem with Essence polishes before, so it may just have been my bottle. Next, I got one of the little nail brushes and basically started splattering a few different colours on. I added a teeny bit of definition with the same polish I used for the base. I didn't want anything that screamed "look at me, I've got leaves on my nails" - instead I wanted a subtle autumny-feel and I think that's what I got.

What do you think? Yay or nay? I like it!

S xx


  1. amazing! I'm speachless...really beautiful artwork

  2. Your cheque is in the post, Betty!! Thanks for reading & for your lovely comment x

  3. I really, really like that!

    Fabulous effect *Yoink*

  4. Yikes! It looks like you're going to 'Scrawb' me with that hand. :-) Only joking, great blog. My youngest is now mad into the whole nail art thing so she'll be having a read..

  5. @CherrySue Thanks missus! Was dying to do something with those brushes, if I only had more fingers, wha? :)x

    @Joe Haha Joe that's the famous 'Claw', very popular amongst nail-y people! Fabulous, you'll adjust to the smell of acetone fairly quickly :)

    Thanks for reading & commenting! x

  6. Amazing - I might need these brushes, although I don't have an artistic bone in my body but at that price they're practically giving them away and I might use them some day! (Oh dear I really need help!)

  7. @NR I keep telling myself that anything I buy for under €2 doesn't count as a spend. Sure it's practically free! Eddie Hobbs would LOVE me. They are brilliant for the price, better than the standard €2 shop fare over here! Thanks a mill for reading & commenting :)x

  8. Absolutely gorgeous nail art! Subtle but interesting and perfect for autumn, love it x

  9. Thanks Kat! Can't wait until Halloween so I can really get into the nail art stuff properly :) Thanks for reading & commenting x

  10. Wow, you're so talented. Delighted I found your blog


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