Saturday, August 20, 2011

Saturday Night Song #7

Tonights SNS is Sweet Harmony by The Beloved.

Firstly: Yes, this video consists of a load of nude people sitting around in a circle. Don't worry, nothing pops out. Keep an eye out for Tess Daly. And the girl at around 1:40 who does that thing where you're about to keep singing and you realise that you're wrong. You'll know what I mean. Here's the vid:

Who: The Beloved were an English electronic dance group and were the final result of a couple of different band name and lineup changes throughout the early 80s. Eventually, the band consisted of duo Jon Marsh and Steven Waddington, which was the way it remained until 1993, when Steven left and was replaced by Jon's wife Helena. I think the 'The' had been dropped by this stage too.

What: Their first studio album Where it Is was a compilation of singles and B-Sides all released between 1986 and 1987, all of which made it on to the UK Indie Chart in the Top 30. Another single flopped in 1988, but the  1989 single The Sun Rising crossed over from the UK clubs and charted at No. 26 in the UK Singles Chart. Their second album, Happiness was released in 1990 - this was the first and only album that the band released as a duo. It spawned another hit single, Hello - the lyrics to that one are here, check them out - bizarre. They had another two hit singles, Your Love Takes Me Higher and Time After Time, both of which were hits internationally. They released a remix album in 1991, then their third studio album Conscience in 1993. A fourth was released in 1996, entitled X. This was the last original album from the group.

When: Sweet Harmony was released in January 1993. It became their biggest UK & Ireland hit, reaching number 8 in the UK charts and spending 11 weeks in the Irish Charts that year, peaking at No. 14. None of their other songs were as successful. This song garnered much of its attention because of the above video - it was extremely controversial at the time, and Jon Marsh found himself defending it on more than one occasion - "it was not intended to be sexual, it was as A-sexual as you can get". It was claimed that the actual concept was unity between humans.

Why: For no other reason than I was watching the best programme RTE have ever produced, Reeling in The Years, last week and this song was playing in the 1993 episode. I hadn't heard it in ages and something about the song makes me remember the Ireland I get such a longing for sometimes(far more often than is normal, to be honest). Anyway, hit play and have a listen. More music next week!

S xx


  1. Oh-em-gee! I am so glad I found your blog!

    I've been searching for this song for weeks now. Sound odd? Let me explain.. I remember my mum listening to it all the time when I was young (err, 10) - I remember finding it so very annoying and then I saw the video and just thought: ugh, too much, why are all these people naked? :-D

    Then, a few weeks ago I started humming this song. It was so weird. It came out of nowhere... But I couldn't remember what band it was etc so while I did google lots of things (err 'video naked' etc!), I couldn't find it. And now, thanks to you, I know it's The Beloved and the song's Sweet Harmony and... I'm watching it as I type this (and am so happy) :-D


  2. Aw thanks for your comment, I love it when stuff like that happens - this song was weird for me too, the only words I could remember were 'let's come together, right now, oh yeah' and I don't know how many times it's just popped into my head and I've had to google the lyrics. It's a strange one :)

    The video freaked me out when I was younger too, I would've been 9 or 10 when it came out and I thought it was disgusting! Thanks for reading & commenting, glad you found it :) xx


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