Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Please Stand By #2

Sweet merciful mother of the divine baby Jesus.

A few weeks ago, I went AWOL from the blogging world because I had writers block. I'll be leaving ye again for a little while - not out of choice this time, but because my laptop has once again decided to put a stall to my gallop and refuse to respond. How am I writing this post, you may ask? Well, my Mum kindly lent me her laptop for a few days so that I could tie up a few loose ends online before I embrace the next few technology-free weeks. I decided to tell you all because you guys/gals were lovely enough to follow me in the first place, and for once, I'm not being a neglectful blogger (I had loads of post ideas too, I'll have to go back to the old faithful notebook and pen until I get sorted).

I'm really greatful to have the loan of this b*stard of a machine, but it is driving me CRAZY. The bloody thing has a mind of its own - a new window opens of its own accord every 25 seconds (I'm not exaggerating, I've timed it) and for some strange reason, the O and E letters are sticking. The two I use most often. Why couldn't it be Z and X? It also goes offline every few minutes, loads pages at about the same speed as a particularly slow slug, and is worryingly hot. The air is blue around me. Also - another thing I've noticed is that when something goes wrong, I start to think in German. I'm not kidding, the first thing I thought of when my laptop went funny was 'mein computer ist kaputt'. I've no idea why. It's like that thing in school when you'd have a French test and you'd think of all the answers in Irish.

I better stop rambling, because I'll be here all night otherwise - it's taken me 25 minutes to type this out what with having to close the million* open windows and bang the vowel keys. It would actually be quicker** to visit you all individually and say goodbye for a little while.

But that would be really, really weird.

Back soon,

S xxx

* Slight Exaggeration.
** Major Exaggeration.

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