Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Pendants and Watches and Rings - Oh My!

Definition of a magpie:
  1. A long-tailed crow with boldly-marked (or green) plumage and a noisy call.
  2. Used figuratively to refer to a person who obsessively collects things or who chatters idly.
While I can sometimes have a noisy call, the second definition is me down to a T (there's another expression I've never understood, maybe a follow-up to the eye-peeling thing is in order). I can't get enough shiny sparkly things.  If you want to get rid of me for an hour, either pop me in the jewellery section of any shop (I'm not fussy) or whack the argos catalogue in front of me, open at the jewellery pages. I've always been obsessed with rings and pendants especially - I can take or leave earrings (weirdly, considering I have my ears pierced multiple times). I think it comes from when I was a child, and completely addicted to these:

I seriously couldn't pass a shop without haunting my mother for money to put into the machine and get a ring/watch/necklace that looked NOTHING like the sample ones stuck to the inside of the glass. 

These days, my fetish has been upgraded a notch - instead of stopping at the front of every newsagents within a 20-mile-radius, I've found another place to satisfy my cheap jewellery cravings - eBay.

Sometimes, when I tell people I get the majority of my jewellery from eBay, they say things like "Oh, would you not be better off saving up and buying one or two good pieces instead of buying loads of shite cheaper stuff?" The answer, my friends, is a big fat NO. Because I lose things. All the time. I only have a couple of proper rings/earrings/necklaces and I'm that scared that I'll lose them that I rarely even wear them. Also, I get really sick of the same stuff and like to change it up a bit. 

With this in mind, I wanted to show you a few bits that I got over the past few months on eBay - I buy from Chinese sellers, I found a couple of good sellers and stuck to them. Their customer service is impeccable, the stuff arrives within 10 days, they offer free post, and the jewellery is of no worse quality than you'd get in Penneys or Dunnes. Also, I find if I see something nice in Penneys, I see twenty more girls wearing it before I even pay for it. Not good. Here are a few of my finds:

L-R - Large orange stone pendant, motorcycle watch pendant, skeleton pendant

This is my favourite, I wear it all the time.
Large blue stone pendant
My favourite ring! (Also my fave nail polish, Essence Movin' On)
L-R - Large blue oval stone ring, large diamonte ring, large mood ring.
The thing I love the most about this stuff is how unique it is over here. While I do love Penneys and all other jewellery shops, I don't like how everyone seems to have the same stuff at one time or another. These are the eBay sellers I use:  sweetbabysupermarketsales, and yooocart (who is a really, really nice seller - my 3V card decided to have a huge fight with my PayPal on an order one time and she was extremely accomodating and kept an item for me). All the above items had either free or very, very little postage, and NOTHING was over €2.50. The watch necklaces arrived with batteries in, and both have kept the correct time since.

It ain't gonna last forever, but it's mighty pretty while it does.

S xx


  1. Thank you :) I won't deny it, I have a problem!

    Thanks for reading & commenting x

  2. Awesome! And I'm really digging the nail polish, too ^^


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