Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Movie Pick #1: Grease 2

I am, once again, going to indulge my passion for list-making and organizing and start another series on this blog. Please, PLEASE bear in mind that I don't have the most mainstream/popular taste in movies, I mean - I thought Citizen Kane was a load of balls and I hated Knocked Up and The Hangover. My favourite movies tend to be either cheesy, 80s, disaster, horror, or action. And I love a good showtune :)

With this in mind, and due to my current obsession with this movie, I present: 

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Released: June 11, 1982.

Grease 2 is set in 1961, two years after the first movie. Now, let's get the issue of the first Grease out of the way - I adore John Travolta (Saturday Night Fever is one of my favourite John Travolta performances) and as much as I used to run around the garden in a nightdress singing Hopelessly Devoted To You or puff on a candy cigarette and stamp it out with my Mammy's sandal, I have to say that I prefer Grease 2. 

First of all, the lead character was called Stephanie. My sister is named Stephanie. The only other Stephanie we'd heard of up until then was Stephanie Beacham, who at the time was starring in Tenko as a POW. Not exactly something you want to emulate, to be honest. But this Stephanie - played by the awesomely beautiful Michelle Pfeiffer - we fought endlessly over who wanted to be her more. She was gorgeous, she was cool, she was popular, she could sing, she could dance, she was the leader of her group - basically, she was the ballsier version of Sandy from the prequel. She was the female Danny Zuko. And she ROCKED.

Stephanie's love interest in the movie was Michael, played by Max Caulfield. Michael was utterly, hopelessly in love with Stephanie and would do anything to get her - so in a reversal of the first movie, where Sandy changed for Danny, in this one - Michael changed for Stephanie. I'm going to completely ignore the blatantly wrong message being sent out in both instances, because I love this movie, and nothing will ruin it for me. Not even the diabolical bunker scene. So, getting back to Michael - he finds out that Stephanie isn't at all interested in his quiet, studious self - instead she wants hell on wheels. In what is one of the absolute best songs from the soundtrack, Stephanie spells out to Michael (through song, naturally) exactly what she wants in a man. And it ain't him.

Actually, I've realised in the past that Mad Max probably wasn't to blame for my, eh - slight - interest in leather-clad bikers.  It was Michelle Pfeiffer, up there on the stepladder, singing about how she desperately wanted Mr. Hell on Wheels to come and whisk her away. So, in true movie-land style, what does Michael do? He transforms himself into said Mr. Hell. Anonymously (don't linger too much on the anonymous part - he basically pulls a Clark Kent and wears leathers and an eye mask and nobody knows it's him until the big reveal). *cue gratuitous mysterious biker pictures*

So, does it all work out in the end? Will Stephanie find out that her mysterious biker is actually the shy studious Michael whom she refused to date on several occasions? I don't think you have to be Sally Morgan to work that one out, in fairness.

A Grease sequel wouldn't work without an ending about all being together, and although this one isn't quite as catchy as the one in the first movie, at least there's no poxy flying car.

If you're after a funny, sweet movie with a bit of fantasy, a bit of good-old-fashioned High School antics, and a catchy song or two, then check this out.

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  1. It totally rocks!!! Is it bad that I'm almost 30 and I still want to be Michelle Pfeiffer in this movie?!

    Thanks for commenting :)

  2. Superb movie, Michelle Pfeiffer rocks she is looking so beautiful wearing pink ladies costume.


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