Monday, July 18, 2011

Harper's Bizarre?

Post deleted because I sound like a wanker


  1. In my region, especially around WW2 times there was a major increase of people called First, Second, Seventh......I always found it so sad their parents couldn't even be bothered to pick names for them?! But I find it even more sad when you deliberately chose to name your kid a bleeding number.
    As for all the other names.....I'm probably a simpleton but I don't "get" them.

    I cannot believe you're relaxing your view on them 2 though?!?! tut tut, I am disappointed Hun :-p

  2. I find that very strange too when little kids are lumbered with names like "John Edward the fourth" - little boys walking around with old man names!!

    I know, I know. 'Twas the picture of David and the baby that did it, I'm too soft :)



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