Friday, July 15, 2011

Everyday I'm Shuffling

So, I just saw this post on Chloe's blog, which you should all go and follow immediately, by the way, and I knew I had to shamelessly steal it do my own version. I've been playing a version of this game in my head for years - when I was younger, I'd think of a question, and then put the radio on and use the first line I heard as the answer.  This was pre-internet, for all of you who are laughing at me. I'm old. Anyway, due to my super-duper healthy new and recent lifestyle changes, my iPod has changed from something I rarely update to something I now can't leave the house without - I solemly believe that if I didn't have music, I'd crack up. Right, let's get to it: The idea is, you put your iPod/mp3 player/song library on shuffle, ask a question, and then go forward for every question. Got it? You will. I'm over-complicating this... This is my baby:

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*Disclaimer: I have been walking. I need beats. Pitbull might put in an appearance. Also, I changed some of the questions as some weren't applicable to me :) NO CHEATING!!

Q1: How am I feeling today? Beat it - Michael Jackson (could not be MORE accurate).
Q2: Will I get far in life? Harder to Breathe - Maroon 5 (hopefully not an Asthma warning).
Q3: How do my friends see me? Out in the Fields - Thin Lizzy (a bit literal, that one hehe).
Q4: Where will I get married? Mirrors - Natalia Kills (Hall of Mirrors? Eh, pass).
Q5: What is my theme song? Common People - Pulp (what you tryin' to say, iPod?!).
Q6: What is the story of my life? Modern Love - David Bowie (sing it, David).
Q7: What was High School like? Just a Dream - Nelly (I bloody wish it was just a dream).
Q8: How can I get ahead in life? On the Floor - JLo ft Pitbull (I hope you mean dancing, and not...)
Q9: What is the best thing about me? Sweat - Snoop Dogg & David Guetta (yeah. My sweat rocks).
Q10: How is today going to be? Ready to Go - Panic! at the Disco (yup, rearin' to work all day!!).
Q11: What's in store this weekend? Blind - Ke$ha (hopefully nobody will be blinded).
Q12: What song describes my parents? Inside Out (remix) - Imelda May (love you inside out - aw!).
Q13: What song describes my sister? You and I - Lady Gaga (aww another sweet one!)
Q14: How is my life going? Gotta be Somebody - Nickelback (there is, and I've found him :D)
Q15: What song will they play at my funeral? Iris - Goo Goo Dolls (they better NOT play that).
Q16: How does the world see me? Friday I'm in Love - The Cure (yay! a love song that's not smushy!).
Q17: Will I have a happy life? Whatever you Want - Status Quo (shut up, it's a brilliant walking song).
Q18: What do my friends really think of me? Don't believe a word - Thin Lizzy (hopefully NOT?!!).
Q19: Do people secretly lust after me? Sweet Child O' Mine - Guns n Roses ( Child indeed!).
Q20: How can I make myself happy? Lipstick - Jedward (SHUT UP!! Lipstick makes me VERY happy).
Q21: What should I do with my life? Last Friday Night - Katy Perry ( Thanks Katy!).
Q22: What is some good advice for me? Sex on Fire - Kings of Leon (I'll just leave that one there...).
Q23: How will I be remembered? Here I go again - Whitesnake (big hair, bit of a rocker, yahoo!).
Q24: What is my signature gig song? Save the World - Swedish House Mafia (epic! Love this tune).
Q25: What do I think my theme song is? Uprising - Muse (g'wan the rebellion!).
Q26: What does everyone else think my theme is? Lying is the most fun a girl can have without taking her clothes off - Panic! at the Disco (so, a slut? Cheers!)

What's on your iPod?

S xx


  1. Great post, gonna do one for when I'm back blogging during the week.

    LMAO at Iris by the Goo Goo Dolls coming out as your funeral song.

  2. Haha Cornflakegirl I KNOW!! I was particularly impressed with the "what makes me happy?" question - lipstick definitely makes me happy. :) Can't wait to see yours! S x


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