Thursday, June 9, 2011

My Favourite Things #1: Why I Love This Lamp.

Post deleted because I sound like a wanker


  1. Thanks for sharing the lamp (it's gorgeous) and the story behind it. You did the right thing changing the necklace and now you have a great lamp to show for it. Take that Aunt Maggie indeed, hehe.

  2. Every time I see it, it makes me smile :)
    Oh, she's a DOSE. Don't see her too often, thankfully!
    Thanks for reading! x

  3. I love your story about the lamp, i hope you get a great deal of satisfaction when you light the candle :-)

  4. I do indeed Deefu, the power was out here a while back and I fired it up, the satisfaction was just unreal :)

    Thank you for reading! x


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