Thursday, April 28, 2011

Spring Frankenpolish

I've finally hopped on the Frankenpolish bandwagon. I remember making my own polishes years ago when Spectacular was the brand of choice (what the hell ever happened to them anyway?). Since the sun finally found his way back to Ireland, I've been looking for lighter, more pastel colours to wear on my nails. We've all seen the offerings from Chanel for this season - and I'm not impressed, to be honest (Chanel's polishes rarely impress me - overpriced and overhyped).

This morning, I wanted a light orange/peach polish. Of course, I didn't have a light enough orange. So, spotting an old bottle of W7 white that I've had for ages, I tried my hand at a franken - a mixture of two or more polishes. I didn't bother using an empty bottle, partly because I'm not sure if I want to wear this colour again, but more due to the fact that I couldn't find a bottle. I used two budget polishes, Essence Multi Dimension in 60 - "Watch Out" and W7 in 01 - "Snow" - which, by the way, would make a great substitute for Tip-Ex. Awful consistency.

W7 "Snow", Essence "Watch Out"
I mixed the two of them in an empty tealight holder (stop laughing). First, I used about 6 drops of the orange, then about 12 or 13 drops of the white. Here's what I ended up with after a good oul' stir:

It's a bright peachy orange, and exactly the colour I was after. For anyone who does like Chanel-like colours, this isn't a million miles away from Miami Peach in reality. I've tried to photograph it as best I can, but it doesn't show the exact shade properly. It's a bright, pastel, peachy, pinky orange. I didn't do clean-up on this hand because the camera battery was screaming at me, but here's the best two pictures from the 15-20 that I took:

Outside, no flash.
Inside, with Flash. Photograph, damn you!
So, there you have it. A light summery pastel colour that I can't photograph for the life of me, but trust me - it's pretty.

S xx


  1. ooh, that's lovely!

  2. It did turn out really nice, and it's really grown on me today for spite - If I'd made a huge bottle of it I probably would've hated it :D Still, any excuse to play with polish!


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