Sunday, April 24, 2011

Quick Cross Stitch - Birthday Card

A neighbour of ours turns 90 today. My first thought was "wow, imagine all the things she's lived through!". My second was "what the heck do you buy a 90-year-old?". So, instead of going down the useless crap route, I decided to give her something personal, so I got a really pretty pot plant and changed the packaging on it, then did a card to match the colours. This is what I ended up with:

Sorry about the poor lighting!
The original flower pattern was for some red poppies, but I didn't have any red thread to suit them, and the pink compliments the plant that I got. The design was by Caroline Palmer  from the book "Countryside Cross Stitch Collection". It's a beautiful book that contains loads of designs, big and small, of lovely country scenes like cottages, meadows, flower gardens, etc.

I've already stitched that cottage on the front cover - it now hangs in my sister-in-law's house. She fell in love with it one day, and I gave it to her - she got it professionally framed and hung it up. To be honest, I'm delighted she did, because I'm awful for not displaying my work, I usually finish projects and then shove them into a press! Here's a pic of the unframed finished design.

"Thatched Cottage" Designed by Lesley Teare
The book also contains one of my must-stitch projects that I'll definitely get around to doing at some stage, it's a gorgeous design, again by Caroline Palmer, called "Bluebell Woods." The name "Bluebell Woods" has a special childhood memory of mine attached to it - we had an orchard at our childhood home. At the very bottom of the orchard was a little grove, full to the brim with bluebells. My sister and I called it "Bluebell Wood" and played out there together for hours - it was a beautiful, peaceful, magical place. So yeah, this is definitely one to do in the future :-)

"Bluebell Woods" by Caroline Palmer
S xx

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